VER9 Drafts

VER 9 Draft

  • MechaStellar VER 9 is planned for May release along with GaoGaiGar
  • The update to VER 9 is meant to reduce the mental math when playing Super Robots & Kaiju
    • Weapons for these units no longer require Power and instead function like a MS
  • The Super Titan type has been split into Super Titan and Kaiju / Super Heavy
    • Kaiju / Super Heavy have the same Evade and HP growth as they did previously
    • Super Titans gain +1 Evade but have a lower HP growth
  • If you exclusively play with Gundam units VER 9 will play the same as VER 8 with a few tweaks.


Your Feedback helps us with the monthly balance and roster updates. If you play any games with the VER 9 draft rules or mecha profiles please provide feedback via the google form. It takes 2-10 minutes to complete and lets you quickly provide feedback based on your latest game. You can find it here:

Core Rules

Mecha Profiles

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