JAN 2023 Update

  • New Units for Mobile Suit Gundam and Gihren’s Greed.
  • Core Rules Update to Melee, Armor Saves, Pilot Traits, Commands & Events, Stellar Warfare
  • Balance Update – Various changes to Unit Costs, Pilot Traits, and Weapons

Core Rules

MechaStellar is a wargame ruleset that lets you battle it out on the tabletop with your favorite giant robots and spaceships. This page has all the primary downloads including the core rules, mecha profile sheets, and mission packs for coop campaigns.

The rules are split between the Core Combat rules which involves the core components such as shooting, maneuvering and melee; and the Wargame Rules which includes a Vs mode and a Co-op mode you can play solo or team up with other players and run through various missions where the enemy’s actions are determined by a roll on the behavior table.

Core Rules Latest Version: 8.7 Last update: 31JAN2023.

VER 8 Change Log

Latest Roster Addition– Mazinger Z

Core Combat Rules

Last Update: Rules Update and Balance Patch in VER 8.7.

Wargame Vs and Co-op Rules.

Last update: Updated VP for Simple Battle.

Here is turn by turn gameplay example for MechaStellar VER 8: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4 & 5.

Mech Profile Sheets

Below are the mecha profile sheets which are grouped by the series they originate from.

Designer’s Note: Most units are from Mobile Suit Gundam. When designing them we used three principles:

  • When a new model rolls out it tends to improve on a previous iteration such as an improvement in performance, armor reinforcement, speed, or equipment loadout.
  • Early Zeon units start with an edge in “Performance” level. Early Federation units begin with an edge in “Frame” Level. High frame units (3+) have cutting edge technology which also boost their combat stats.
  • Performance is generally split into three time periods.
    • Performance 0-4 is the One Year War (OYW)
    • 5-7 is the Zeta Gundam era
    • 8-10 is the Char’s Counter Attack era (CCA) and beyond.
    • We use these performance bands when designing other series as well
    • i.e. Getter Robo (0-4), Getter Robo G (5-7), Shin Getter Robo (8-10).

Mobile Suit Gundam – Zeon: 81 Mobile Suits and 5 Mobile Armors

Mobile Suit Gundam – Earth Federation Forces: 81 Mobile Suits and 2 Mobile Armors

Mobile Suit Gundam – Stellar Warships

Designer’s Note: If you are setting up a SRW style game between different universes it is best to keep the performance range within 3-4 points (i.e. Performance range of 1 – 4 or 5 – 7)

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: 12 Units

Vision of Escaflowne: 4 Units

The Big O: 8 Units

Getter Robo: 17 Units

Mazinger Z: 33 Units

Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV): 12 Units

Pacific Rim: 12 Units

If you’d like to see what units were added or revised recently click on the Roster Update tag.

Quick Start rules, Armies and Missions can be found on the Demo games page.

Cooperative Campaign Mission Packs – Gundam

Sandbox Campaigns

These Mission Packs are Sandbox style campaigns which offer a simple premise to get your battle kicked off. Between battles you can acquire new Mechs as listed in the mission pack. An enemy behavior chart is included in each Mission Pack, it is recommended you have a printed off copy of this on hand as an easy reference.

Photos of example mission layouts for the Desert and City can be found in this post.

Narrative Campaigns

These mission packs are for narrative campaigns that follow along the story of various Gundam entries. Below is 0080 War in the Pocket and New Mobile Report Gundam Wing.

Mission Pack – Getter Robo

Below is a narrative mission pack that follows the 1974 Getter Robo manga by Ken Ishikawa. This works best as a solo campaign but you can always play with friends having them control the enemy Mechasaurus or having them take control of the different Getter Forms.

Mission Pack – Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact (Shin Mazinger)

Below is a narrative mission pack following the 2009 Mazinger Z OVA directed by Imagawa. This works best as a solo campaign but you can always have a friend control the enemy Kikaiju.

Mission Pack – Pacific Rim

Below is a narrative mission pack for Pacific Rim that matches the events of the movie from Hong Kong until the finale. It is setup as a what if style game so you can choose to deploy different units and if you perform well you may even save a few Jaeger’s and their pilots from a grisly fate. This is intended for 1 or 2 players cooperatively while a third player can take control of the rampaging Kaiju, otherwise a Kaiju specific behavior chart has been provided.


We recommend using the Gundam 1/400 line which is split between the 1/400 Collection and the 1/400 M.F.S. (Mini Figure Select) which has an extremely broad range of models. If you’d like bigger and more detailed scale consider the Gundam S.O.G. 1/300 line of minis or the ~1/200 scale line with Gundam FW Ultimate Operation, STANDart, or Assault Kingdom, or Mobile Suits in Action (MSIA). For Big O & Escaflowne we recommend the Kotobukiya one coin figures. For Evangelion we recommend the Seika figures. For Getter Robo, Mazinger Z and other Super Robot shows there are many Super Robot Wars gashapon figures readily available. For Pacific Rim we recommend the beautifully made minis from Pacific Rim Extinction board game.

Here are some posts showing the types of miniatures used in MechaStellar:

For Stellar Warships here is a post for collecting Gundam Warships.


If you enjoy using 3d Printed Terrain we highly recommend the ones shown here for use in MechaStellar with 1/400 or 1/300 scale models (1.5-3″).

Planned Updates

Future updates and completed updates can be found on the updates page.


If you’d like to share any feedback on the rules / unit roster, request a Mecha series or volunteer to playtest new units or campaigns you can send us an email here or contact us on social media via Twitter or on our subreddit r/mechastellar.

Creative Commons

This is a non-commercial product, feel free to use, remix and share. For these rules we are using the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

I do not own the copyright on any images or names presented in these mecha profiles, this is simply a fair use work to let fans play a wargame with their favorite Mecha and to encourage more visibility of the mecha genre.