MechaStellar Roster Update – May 2023 – The King of Braves: GaoGaiGar (Yuusha)

For this month’s roster update we have the Braves series, also known as the Yuusha series.  The Braves or Yuusha series was a long running Super Robot series from the 90s produced by the animation studio Sunrise (most well known for Gundam and countless other Mecha series) and sponsored by Takara. The Braves series produced 8 shows over the decade, each show is independent of each other but have recurring themes and designs. 

For this month we are releasing units from the first show, The Brave Fighter Exkizer, as well as the final and most well known show The King of Braves: GaoGaiGar. You can find the profiles here. If you are new to the Braves / Yuusha series then read this.

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MechaStellar VER 9 Planned for May2023 Release

Evolution of Giant Robots by Kazuhiko Miyake
Evolution of Giant Robots by Kazuhiko Miyake

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar will release during the end of month May roster update. We will also be releasing MechaStellar VER 9 Core Combat Rules in May. VER 9 is the Super Robot update and like the last several updates to VER 8 is intended to cut down on mental math.

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MechaStellar VER 8.8R3- April 2023 Update

One of our players noticed an error affecting Twin-Linked (TL) Missile Pods as well upgraded Missile Pods for instance on Big O. Since this error was affecting a large number of units we worked quickly to push out this month’s update early. The Roster Update will still take place at the end of the month and include more units from G Gundam.

We also completed a Rules Review we started in March. The purpose of the rules review was to check for syntax errors and other oversights which can crop up when you change game terms, for example several sections of the rules were updated from Skilled/Ace Pilot to Tier 1-2 Pilot/Kaiju/Captain. The rules review also checked to ensure that certain terms were defined early on, for instance the [M-#] term came up several pages before it was officially defined. Lastly, we looked over certain key sections and reorganized some of the bullets to make it easier to follow for new players. Many thanks to Mike, our board game action economy expert and Big Duo Enthusiast, for spearheading this endeavor.

Below the break you’ll find the summary of changes.

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MechaStellar FEB23 Update – VER 8.8 Released

For this February’s update we are updating the Core Rules to VER 8.8 with a renewed focus on trimming down Mental Math we’ve updated several Pilot Traits and the Focus action. We’ve also updated the short range weapons (16″) including beam boomerangs, heat rods and the infamous Rocket Punch as well as Machine Guns and Gatling Guns. Lastly, “Finishing Blow” has been added to add some more variety to Melee combats when it comes to assigning ATK and DEF dice.

We’ll have two in-depth posts exploring the weapons update and the focus/pilot traits update, here’s the first one focusing on short range weapons and machineguns. We’ve also updated the VER 8 Example of Play to match the rules update. Below the break you’ll see the summary list of updates for MechaStellar VER 8.8

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MechaStellar JAN 2023 Update – VER 8.7 Released

For this months update we have a major update to the Core Combat Rules along with a balance patch and overall UI improvement to the Mecha Profile Sheets. We’ve also added new units to the roster based on player requests. Below the break is the summary of updates, you can read a more indepth breakdown on a few updates in a follow up posts.

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MechaStellar December 2022 Unit Roster Update

A lot of our folks will be on travel for December so we’re pushing the roster update out early this month. The major update for this month is the new “Supreme Robot Warfare” module that is intended for smaller games of say 2vs2 or 3vs3 which many of our players have been gravitating towards. Since this is a major update to the core rules we’re updating the VER to 8.6. The Design Goal for this module was to enhance the mobility of Real Robots (MS) and enhance the durability and knockout power of Super Robots (Titans).

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MechaStellar – Unit Roster Update November 2022

We pushed out most of this months update earlier in the month with this post. To finish off this month we’ve finished up the Getter Robo 1974 Narrative Campaign which finishes just prior to the appearance of Getter Robo G. We’ve also added a Narrative Campaign for Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact (Shin Mazinger) and released unit profiles for Zeus, Hades and even Flying Fortress Ghoul.

Summary of all updates below the break.

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Salamis & Musai Update

Just a quick update. While prototyping some powerful warships (Ra Cailum, Arcadia, J-Ark, etc.) we decided to alter the cost formula since these units were becoming too costly. This also affects Frame 1 units like the Salamis and Musai to a smaller degree. Their new costs allow them to have a full crew for 300pts with 5 Zaku IIs to a Musai and 4 GMs to a Salamis. The Salamis also got a slight equipment adjustment with more missiles available.

Additionally VER 8.5 of the core rules was updated to R2. This update adds in a [Reload] action for Stellar Warships.

Stellar Warships

  • All ships received Move+1, HP+1000, and a Cost decrease
  • AA Guns now ignore the Defense array trait