Salamis & Musai Update

Just a quick update. While prototyping some powerful warships (Ra Cailum, Arcadia, J-Ark, etc.) we decided to alter the cost formula since these units were becoming too costly. This also affects Frame 1 units like the Salamis and Musai to a smaller degree. Their new costs allow them to have a full crew for 300pts with 5 Zaku IIs to a Musai and 4 GMs to a Salamis. The Salamis also got a slight equipment adjustment with more missiles available.

Additionally VER 8.5 of the core rules was updated to R2. This update adds in a [Reload] action for Stellar Warships.

Stellar Warships

  • All ships received Move+1, HP+1000, and a Cost decrease
  • AA Guns now ignore the Defense array trait