Stellar Warship Playtest Photos – Pegasus Class Assault Carrier

These tests were focused on the Pegasus class of warships with the most notable being Mobile Suit Gundam’s White Base from the One Year War. The model featured here is the Albion from 0083 Stardust Memory. They are a very formidable ship but as you can see from the last few photos even they can be brought down by a concerted effort from Zakus, Rick Doms and Musai class cruisers.

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Stellar Warship Playtest Photos – Magellan Class Battleship

Here are some photos taken during some recent games testing out the Magellan class battleship from Mobile Suit Gundam. Since I don’t have my Magellans kits built yet, we used Captain Harlock’s The Arcadia as a placeholder model. As you can see from the final photo the Magellan class Battleship did pretty well.

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[MS] – Weekly Playtest Photos

These were taken over the course of a few weeks in the brief moments when the baby was sleeping in the bassinet. The purpose for these tests were proof of concept for the Defend the City game mode or “Rampage” if you’re on the Kaiju’s side. This game mode offers victory conditions that focus on destroying the city for the Monsters.

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[MS] – Playtest Photos week of 15AUG

Here are some quick playtest photos of this past weekend. The first one shows units from Pacific Rim, giant robots called Jaegers built to defend humanity from giant monsters named Kaiju. Fantastic first movie, highly recommend if you haven’t gotten a chance to see it. Jaegers and Kaiju use the rules for ‘Gigas’ a slower but more durable type of Mech and in this case giant monster. It’s also been fun testing out a new ‘Defend the City’ game type we hope to release soon.

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