[MS] – Weekly Playtest Photos

These were taken over the course of a few weeks in the brief moments when the baby was sleeping in the bassinet. The purpose for these tests were proof of concept for the Defend the City game mode or “Rampage” if you’re on the Kaiju’s side. This game mode offers victory conditions that focus on destroying the city for the Monsters.

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[MS] – Playtest Photos week of 15AUG

Here are some quick playtest photos of this past weekend. The first one shows units from Pacific Rim, giant robots called Jaegers built to defend humanity from giant monsters named Kaiju. Fantastic first movie, highly recommend if you haven’t gotten a chance to see it. Jaegers and Kaiju use the rules for ‘Gigas’ a slower but more durable type of Mech and in this case giant monster. It’s also been fun testing out a new ‘Defend the City’ game type we hope to release soon.

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[MS] Playtest – Gundam Wing Units

Gundam Wing was the first Gundam show to arrive in America and was an immensely popular hit when it landed. It also had some very distinctly stylized and memorable Gundams. Units from Gundam Wing will be the first AU that get added to the supplemental roster for MechaStellar. Normally we see these Gundams destroying Leos, Aries, Taurus and Virgos en masse, for this test we were comparing their relatively power against one another. Below are some photos for a 3 on 3 Gundam battle while I was still unpacking the house.

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