Supreme Robot Warfare Playtest Photos

While we were working on the rules for Supreme Robot Warfare, a MechaStellar module that adds more mobility and durability for small scale high powered games we ran a number of test games using a variety of modules. Here are some photos for three games we knocked out in an afternoon.

This game was a free-for-all starring Big O, Evangelion Unit 02, GoLion (Voltron) and GaoGaiGar.

One of the things we wanted to work on with this ruleset was to add a lot more movement (both intentional and unintentional) to the game mode, that way you really get to use the whole table.

As you can see from this match up before we added in the knock back rules component most battles would devolve into a cluster in the middle of the board.

We were also testing out a few rules changes that made the Super Robots too easy to kill, as you can see here with GoLion going down very early to GGG Hell and Heaven attack and Eva Unit 02 getting it’s core punched out by Big O.

GaoGaiGar had a heck of a battle here surviving with <2000 HP. Big O could have pulled out a victory here if it picked more defensive pilot skills like Persevere and Improvise.

A quick match with just GoLion and GaoGaiGar trying to test out the Knockback rules and some adjusted movement rules. We ended up liking Knockback quite a bit and kept it in for every other playtest game until we got to the final version.

While we’ve only got one photo for this game both GGG and GoLion managed to knockdown 8 pieces of terrain over 5 rounds, with GoLion eventually becoming the winner.

For this series of games (which we relayed with these forces four times) we wanted to try and incorporate some MS rules that would be separate from the Super Robot rules. We had a chance to test out a few mobility options to see which worked best and minimal fidgety bits to remember.

We also wanted to see how the Super Robots would fare dealing with a large volume of long range artillery if they retained a very slow movement. The MS forces proved pretty strong and we were considering if we wanted to double the HP of Super Robots (Titans) in this game mode.

Eventually we came up with the Rally system which allowed Super Robots to keep on fighting regardless of the punishment they endure. After that was put into play we see our Super Robots (both in this game and with other forces) have the staying power to withstand a cheesy strategy of all long-range attacks.

While Getter usually managed to take out the Guncannons it was usually a kamikaze run taking him out early. The Mazinger player was also keen to put the hurt on Getter whenever they were low on Momentum to prevent them from separating and switching into a new form. After four games the players got pretty good at understanding each other’s weaknesses and how best to exploit them.

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