MechaStellar Battle Report – Amuro, Koji and Ryoma Vs Zeon Aces and Big O

For this battle we set up a SRW style game where universes collide with Amuro, Koji and Ryoma in the Gundam, Mazinger Z and Getter Robo on one side and on the other we have Big O and some of Zeon’s Aces including Char’s Gelgoog, Mikhail’s Kampfer and two of the Black Tri-Stars. (The 3rd Tri-Star was killed by Amuro in a previous battle and this was a follow-up grudge match). Rounding out the roster we have a Zaku I sniper and a Zaku II with a magella top cannon versus Kai’s Guncannon providing long range support for each player.

For the narrative on this battle the player’s decide that Zeon had hired Roger Smith under false pretenses informing him that Getter and Mazinger were possessed robots holding memories of the past and rampaging through the area. The player’s remark that after the battle and Roger discovers the ruse he would most likely switch sides.

For the battlefield we are still using some Greco-Roman style ruins that we used previously in a few Mazinger Z match-ups. Below the break will be the round by round battle report as well as a post-mortem on the mecha tactics employed.


Round 1

Mazinger wins the roll off and is up first.   Using the Jet Scrander he flies to the high ground and unleashes a volley of Drill Missiles, Breast Fire and the Photon Energy Beam at various targets.

Amuro in the Gundam boldly advances while Char moves to meet him in the middle taking long range shots. 

Ryoma fires a Getter beam on the Black Tristars which also hits the cover behind them. The cover luckily survives which shields the Zaku I sniper.

The black tristars ignore Getter and focus on Amuro, however, his Newtype reflexes reign supreme and allow him to easily dodge their shots

The long range units trade fire now with the Guncannon and Zaku Cannon using Indirect Fire (IDF) and the Zaku Sniper taking a shot at Mazinger.

Mikhail in the Kampfer fires a sturm faust barrage and giant bazooka at Mazinger before retreating

Round 2

Gundam advances and fires on the Black Tristars who evade him

Char gets into Melee with Gundam and thanks to a lucky roll its beam naginata cuts deep into Gundam’s torso nearly destroying it

Getter charges into Melee and nearly offs a Black Tristar who survived thanks to their full Momentum pool

The Black Tristar escapes and fires a lucky critical hit which takes Kai’s Guncannon out of the action

Mazinger attempts to take out the Kampfer and Dom this round, but the Kampfer’s high speed and Momentum pool allows him to avoid all hits from the Southern Cross Knife and the Drill missiles, a portion of the Dom is melted but overall it survives with some HP remaining

The Kampfer retaliates firing its bazookas and then its shotgun and then finally using its chain main on Mazinger bringing him below 50% HP

Closing up the round Big O has been trudging along for two rounds now and finally gets close to Getter who regrets not positioning himself further away.  Big O starts off with missile and cannon party which knocks Getter below 50% HP and then into melee where a Ye Not Guilty swing of its arms nearly take out Getter who is saved by splitting the machines apart

Getter-3 emerges, it fires off its Getter missiles at the artillery Zaku blowing up both it and the terrain.

Getter-3 then uses Daisetsuzan Oroshi to throw Big O into nearby cover that was hiding the Zaku I sniper and a Dom.  He finishes the turn trying to crush the life out of Big O with his arms.

Round 3

Big O is up first and Getter-3 simply cannot hold out as the heavy piston blasts through the Getter Frame in an explosive finish. 

Mazinger is up next and finally finishes off the Kampfer with a full volley of its attacks

Char tries to strike down Amuro in Melee who narrowly parries and survives. 

Amuro disengages and attempts to take out the Dom with his beam rifle to deny the enemy player another activation but the last Black TriStar proves too nimble.

The Dom is up next, heads away from Amuro and fires its bazooka into Mazinger who with a very lucky roll evades all shots, the Dom redoubles its efforts in Melee and its heat saber takes off some HP in melee combat.

Round 4

Gundam is up first, clashing with Char in melee they are evenly matched, he breaks away and fires his hyper bazooka at Big O finishing him off. 

The Dom is up next but neither its heat saber nor giant bazooka are able to take out Mazinger

Mazinger has a rough turn and neither its melee combat or dual rocket punches can finish off the lucky Dom, nor is it able to melt Char’s Gelgoog from behind.

Char finishes up the round going full throttle on the thrusters to kick Amuro right in the abdomen, the Gundam is hanging on with its last sliver of HP

Round 5

Char chases down Amuro and finally gets the roll he wanted and manages to defeat him in Melee.

Koji goes to avenge Amuro but Char cannot be brought down.

Final Score

Amuro + Koji + Ryoma = Frame (13) + Pilot (10) + Commander (0) = 23 Victory Points

Zeon Aces + Big O = Frame (19) + Pilot (8) + Commander (3) = 30 Victory Points

Defeating Amuro in the last turn was worth 9pts, a come from behind victory for the Zeon Aces & Paragon City’s Top Negotiator.

Post Mortem Mecha Tactics

Gundam + Mazinger + Getter Player:

I actually thought I had this match in the bag since my opponent couldn’t put a dent into Mazinger and I planned on using him as my lead unit to take fire and wipe out several of the weaker units. I didn’t expect the Black Tri-Star to break through and one-shot Kai’s Guncannon, which took away my long range support and one less turn every round. I also chose him as my Commander since I figured he was least likely to get taken down being so far back, haha, oh well you win some you lose some.

Amuro was excellent for dodging attacks but I had a really lousy melee roll early on against Char that I nearly lost him, thankfully I made the Armor Save. After that point I struggled to keep Amuro alive which meant I didn’t have enough Momentum to fully utilize Getter Robo.

My opponent was also wise to Getter Robo’s abilities and would avoid targeting him so I couldn’t get any bonus turns. This was a tough battle and I underestimated my opponent, had I played less aggressively I could have kept my lead.

Zeon + Big O Player:

I lost some Zaku’s early on but I kind of expected my opponent to play aggressively based on the previous match so this time around I made sure to use my Mobility units to do a lot of hit and run attacks making the most of rapid fire range. While I couldn’t take out Toeizinger as hard as I tried I did manage to take out Amuro and Ryoma which were huge Victory Point gains. In retrospect I probably should have ignore Mazinger and focused on those two early on, but I wanted to avoid targeting Getter until they were below 3 Momentum.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well Big O, I think my opponent forgot about them because of how slow they were moving so when I walked up, raised the canopy and fully unloaded with all its missiles and machine guns I caught them completely by surprise. I didn’t expect Getter-3 to whallop me back so hard though, although it’s funny with it’s long crushing arms it reminded me of the Dorthy-2 machine from the first episode trying to crush Big O. Should have known to never mess with Big O in a fist fight hah!

Char was the real MVP though, he managed to strike down Amuro (finally!!) after attacking him in melee most of the game. I even got a chance to do the Char kick straight into Gundam’s torso before finishing him off. Good job Char you finally got revenge!

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