MechaStellar JAN 2023 Update – VER 8.7 Released

For this months update we have a major update to the Core Combat Rules along with a balance patch and overall UI improvement to the Mecha Profile Sheets. We’ve also added new units to the roster based on player requests. Below the break is the summary of updates, you can read a more indepth breakdown on a few updates in a follow up posts.

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MechaStellar Battle Report – Amuro, Koji and Ryoma Vs Zeon Aces and Big O

For this battle we set up a SRW style game where universes collide with Amuro, Koji and Ryoma in the Gundam, Mazinger Z and Getter Robo on one side and on the other we have Big O and some of Zeon’s Aces including Char’s Gelgoog, Mikhail’s Kampfer and two of the Black Tri-Stars. (The 3rd Tri-Star was killed by Amuro in a previous battle and this was a follow-up grudge match). Rounding out the roster we have a Zaku I sniper and a Zaku II with a magella top cannon versus Kai’s Guncannon providing long range support for each player.

For the narrative on this battle the player’s decide that Zeon had hired Roger Smith under false pretenses informing him that Getter and Mazinger were possessed robots holding memories of the past and rampaging through the area. The player’s remark that after the battle and Roger discovers the ruse he would most likely switch sides.

For the battlefield we are still using some Greco-Roman style ruins that we used previously in a few Mazinger Z match-ups. Below the break will be the round by round battle report as well as a post-mortem on the mecha tactics employed.

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MechaStellar November Roster Update

We’re pushing out the roster update early for the month of November. We’ve been testing out for a few months now what the gameplay would be like if we were to reduce the cost of Skilled and Ace Pilots down to 50pts per level. Overall, we’re satisfied with how the Mission Packs are running as well as versus games so we’ve decided to implement the change. All Mecha Unit Profiles have been updated to reflect this, a few units were rebalanced to get down to 500pts or 250pts as a result. Getter Robo profiles will be updated at the end of the month along with a continuation of the Narrative campaign and more Mechasaurus units.

With the change to Pilot costs we can also return to simpler Army Momemtum brackets of 500/1000/1500/2000+. The core rules were updated to reflect that. I’ve also improved the Make it Count universal skill. This was meant to be in October’s update but was missed when we released it.

Sandbox Mission Packs and Demo Games mission packs have also been updated to reflect the new costs.

Rules Update Summary

  • Cost reduction for Skilled and Ace Pilots
  • Army Momentum brackets back to 500/1000/15000/2000+
  • Improved Universal Skill – Make it Count

Unit Profile Update Summary

  • Adjusted traits that used to give +1 Focus to instead give +1 Accuracy such as Headhunter or Hunting for a Rival
  • Fix error for beam carbine/heat attack profiles:  units affected Zeon Amphibious units, GM Command Space, Neue Ziel, Mazinger Z, Doublas M2, Glossam X2
  • Fixed error on Gebera Tetra, older profile replaced with newer profile

Where to start Getter Robo?

Getter Robo Vol 1

Getter Robo is another foundational series for the Mecha genre, since it’s an older series a lot of younger fans might not be familiar with it outside of its Super Robot Wars appearances. While Mazinger Z gave us our first piloted super robot, Getter Robo gave us our first combining robot which would become a staple spectacle in the Mecha genre. In this post we’ll cover some entry points to the Getter Robo franchise. If you are here looking for recommendations on where to start go ahead and scroll down to the end of this post.

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MechaStellar Battle Report – Mazinger + Getter + Gundam vs Kikaiju + Mechasaurus + Zeon

Mazinger Z Getter Robo Gundam

Here’s the third game in our final round of testing for the Mazinger Z units, we of coursed wanted to finish with a Getter Robo teamup so we included the Getter team plus a beefy Mechasaurus. The models used are the Gundam 1/300 S.O.G. line, Mazinger Gashapon, Getter Robo KT figure, and the Mechasaurus is being represented by the Machine Saurer gashapon. You can read more about figures here for Gundam, Mazinger and Getter. Previous game can be found here.

Below the break will be a short battle report and photos of the game along with a post mortem discussing the mecha tactics employed for the Mobile Suits, Mazinger, Getter, and the Kaiju.

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[MS] September Update – MechaStellar VER 8.4 Released

For Septembers roster update we have 24 new mecha unit profiles including the foundational Super Robot series, Mazinger Z.  We are also releasing MechaStellar VER 8.4 Core Rules which streamlines some items in the Stellar Warfare section and provides another option for [Focus] as well as changes to Disengage.  Lastly, there’s a large balance update that will address some points cost issues, movement and evade as well as improving the durability of some units. 

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MechaStellar VER 8.2 Released

Hot on the heels of VER 8.1 we are releasing VER 8.2.  This update includes some adjustments to Combat Roles, the Pilot system, as well as various balance changes.  We’ll cover the Pilot changes in detail in a follow-up post.  Below is a quick synopsis. Updated rules and mecha unit profiles can be found on the downloads page here.

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MechaStellar – Feb 2022 Update

For this month’s MechaStellar update we are wrapping up some unit requests we received for more RX78 Gundam units as well as Big O with a total of 24 new units added. We are also releasing a Narrative Campaign following the first portion of the 1974 Getter Robo manga.

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