MechaStellar Playtest Photos – Magellan Class Battleship #2

Magellan class Battleship Salamis Class Cruiser GM Sniper Custom Guncannon GM

Below is a collection of photos of when we were testing the Earth Federations Magellan class Battleship as well as the updated Stellar Warship rules for MechaStellar VER 8 focusing on the Captain’s Orders section. Below is a very brief battlereport as well. You can find the first Magellan battle here and the third one here.

Musai Cruiser Zaku II Rick Dom Gelgoog

We begin with a Magellan with a Skilled Captain and two Salamis cruisers in its strike group each carrying a Guncannon and two GMs while a brand new GM Sniper Custom is aboard the Magellan. They are striking at the Zeon fortress A Baoa Qu and this sector is fielding two Musai cruisers (one with a skilled Captain), a Gelgoog, three Doms, a Zaku Commander and 5x Zaku IIs.

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MechaStellar Social Media Pages

Here’s a link to our current social media pages. We setup our Facebook page last week, I haven’t used Facebook in about 10 years so it’s very different from what I remember, let me know if there are any issues with the page.

Facebook Group –

Facebook Account –

Instagram – Account is still locked, we may just end up recreating it at this point.

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For the message board enthusiasts we also have

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MechaStellar – April 2023 Roster Update

For this month’s update we are up finishing up the majority of the G Gundam cast with fighters from the tournament finals including Zeus, Viking, Cobra, Mandala, Matador, Zebra, Jester, Mermaid, Nether, Skull, Asura and Nobel Gundam. Based on a player request we also added in the Zeong and Elmeth this month.

VER 9 is around the corner. This update is focused on Super Robots and Kaiju, who will no longer be using the Power stat as a budget for their weapons, instead they will function just like a Mobile Suit. You view the draft core rules for VER 9 and the unit profiles for Super Robots and Kaiju here:

If you play any games with the VER 9 Draft Profiles please be sure to fill out the After Action Battle Report now on Google Forms. We use this data when it comes to balancing units, adjusting rules, and it’s helpful to know what your favorite units are. Here’s the link:

Last but not least we were lucky enough to be featured on Wargamer this month. You can find the article here:

Roster Update Summary

-Mobile Fighter G Gundam – Added 17 Units

-Mobile Suit Gundam – Zeon – Added 2 Units

MechaStellar – June Update

No update for this month since our family is in the middle of an overseas PCS move. I haven’t had a chance to compile the feedback we’ve gotten from players into any revisions but I’m hoping to do a large update in July, barring that August. For those of you eager to play GP03 or Neue Ziel the points will likely be between 1000-1200; we’re still ironing out the equipment choices and what is “reasonable” on a single unit.

In better news, we’ve made good progress on the Warship rules and plan to get them out by the end of August. This will give a lot of targets for the GP03 Dendrobium and Neue Ziel to shoot down.

Release pushed to Saturday

Good morning folks, the Mission Pack update for Federation and Zeon as well as the update to the unit profile sheets has taken up a lot of time this week and I would to spend today correcting some formatting errors before we push out a release. Mission Packs and unit updates will be released tomorrow (Saturday) instead.

With the holiday’s approaching releases will be shifting to every 2 weeks, although I may be able to push out a bonus update here and there. Thanks for your patience.

MechaStellar: Unit Roster Update 19AUG21

For this week’s update we are releasing the first batch of aquatic units starting with the Z’Gok and Hy-Gogg.  We’ll also be releasing units from a Mobile Suit Gundam sidestory including the Act Zaku as well as Gundam Units 4 and 5 of the RX78 series.  As always if you have any specific requests for Mechs to include in the game please leave a comment below.

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