MechaStellar Playtest Photos – Magellan Class Battleship #1

Magellan class battleship GM Cannon

Below is a collection of photos of when we were testing the Earth Federations Magellan class Battleship as well as the updated Stellar Warship rules for MechaStellar VER 8. Below is a very brief battle report as well. There’s also a short battle report for a Guncannon team and one with the Blue Destiny 3.

We begin with 4 GMs and a GM Cannon onboard a Magellan who must quickly sortie to defend against a pair of Musais each with a full complement of Zaku IIs onboard. Outnumbered 2:1 things are looking grim for the Federation.

10 Zakus depart from their Musais blast across the landscape heading towards the Magellan.

2 Zakus down in the first round while the GM force forms a defensive wall. The Musai takes a lucky few hits from the Musai.

But the Zakus are relentless, two GMs are down while the other two hold the line.

The Magellan had just wiped out both Musais with a great display of shooting but was quickly brought down by the Zakus who swarmed it. The GM has a last stand against the 4 Zakus.

He bravely took town 2 more Zakus before going down. Victory for Zeon this game.

Another game with a bold Magellan maneuver. The player was hoping to use the Magellan as the shield soaking up hits from the Zakus while the GMs would sweep in behind it. A powerful round of shooting in Round 1 even wiped out a Musai.

With the GMs and the AA guns a few Zakus are brought down in Round 2.

Alas the Magellan didn’t last much longer than that, but quite a devastation was left in its wake. No further photos of this game but the Federation eventually clinched a win.

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