MechaStellar Playtest Photos – Magellan Class Battleship #3

Below is a collection of photos of when we were testing the Earth Federations Magellan class Battleship as well as the updated Stellar Warship rules for MechaStellar VER 8.7 focusing on the Captain’s Orders section. Below is a very brief battlereport as well.

You can read the previous two Magellan battleship reports here. Game 1 and Game 2.

We begin with a Magellan with a skilled captain bringing the Blue Destiny unit 3 along with several GM Command Space types. Against them are the same Zeon forces as the previous game, two Musais, a Gelgoog, 3 Rick Doms, a Zaku II Commander and several Zaku IIs.

The Blue Destiny Unit 3 (BD3) has an impressive Evade and an Ace Pilot, the player also selected the “Galvanizing Display” as his Commander trait so he gains 1 Momentum every time BD3 is attacked. Since the majority of Zeon units are grunt pilots, with the BD3 up front they are forced to target him. A solid strategy.

The Zeon player chooses to ignore BD3 and full throttle all his units up the board hoping to bypass him and take out the enemy ship.

The “Take the fight to them” Captain’s order is very helpful with this.

In the next round the Doms and Gelgoog keep pressing up the flank looking to strike at the powerful Magellan. A GM Command Space goes down after an unlucky roll dishes out several critical hits from a Bazooka.

Meanwhile BD3 plowed straight into the Zaku IIs and is embroiled in an intense brawl. The Zakus gaining tactical advantage for outnumbering the Ace.

Next round the remaining GM Commands go down leaving the Magellan wide open.

Now it’s just BD3.

Slaying Zaku’s left and right he’s taken some damage and activated the EXAM system turning the machine berserk.

BD3 continues maneuvering and fighting to the best of its ability slowly whittling down the enemy forces.

Final round, Zeon wins initiative. The Dom is chosen to act first since its already behind BD3. It’s bazooka shot blindsides BD3 who burns through Momentum on an Ace evade.

But alas, the Dom’s heat saber strikes it in the back, a single hit gets through and BD3 is finished. Of the 5 matches player with this scenario this one was the most fun, also the only match where BD3 lost. In subsequent matches the Federation player was a bit more cautious, kept the Magellan alive and its Captain’s Orders ended up winning two matches by Round 4.

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