MechaStellar Playtest Photos – Magellan Class Battleship #2

Magellan class Battleship Salamis Class Cruiser GM Sniper Custom Guncannon GM

Below is a collection of photos of when we were testing the Earth Federations Magellan class Battleship as well as the updated Stellar Warship rules for MechaStellar VER 8 focusing on the Captain’s Orders section. Below is a very brief battlereport as well. You can find the first Magellan battle here and the third one here.

Musai Cruiser Zaku II Rick Dom Gelgoog

We begin with a Magellan with a Skilled Captain and two Salamis cruisers in its strike group each carrying a Guncannon and two GMs while a brand new GM Sniper Custom is aboard the Magellan. They are striking at the Zeon fortress A Baoa Qu and this sector is fielding two Musai cruisers (one with a skilled Captain), a Gelgoog, three Doms, a Zaku Commander and 5x Zaku IIs.

The first round is spent maneuvering while the ships trade shots from afar. In Round 2 the Gelgoog presses forward early and manages to get a sneak attack in on the GM Sniper Custom, but is quickly brought down afterwards by a well placed shot from the Guncannon.

Meanwhile the rest of the Zeon forces are holding back trading shots from afar as both sides test out their “Evasive maneuvers” Captain’s Order for the second round in a row.

After losing a Musai Zeon decides to go all in this round. The Zakus clear out enough GMs out of the way giving the Dom’s a clear shot at the Musai sinking it. Now the Federation player can no longer issue orders.

Still it was a costly maneuver and allowed the Federation to wipe out several of Zeon’s hardest hitters, while the Federation still has its Guncannons.

The Salamis press forward and open up their AA fire.

A new round, a GM manages to lock up a Dom in combat.

Unfortunately for the Federation this round his troops buckle under pressure and get mowed down in Melee. The Musai Captain’s order to bring the fight to the enemy paid off, the Federation player wasn’t expecting the extra movement from the enemy and paid for it.

Considerable carnage all around leaving only a few Zaku IIs standing as well as a lone Musai cruiser.

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