MechaStellar Low Grav Battles Playtest Photos

Salamis Cruiser RGM-79

Here’s a collection of photos for one of the test games using the Low Gravs variant of the Stellar Warfare rules. For this series of games we have two Salamasis cruiser and two Musai cruisers each with a sizeable number of Mobile Suits onboard duking it out on the moon. Below you’ll see a very brief battle report to go with it, out of the 10 test games Zeon won 6 and the Federation won 4.

The minis used are the Gundam 1/400 collection and the older gunpla kits for the Salamis and Musai cruiser.

Musai Zaku II GM Salamis

A GM and Zaku go down in the opening round. A Salamis nails a Musai from across the board and sinks it.

Salamis GM Cannon Zaku II

By Round 2 the Zakus have gotten bold and pushed very close to the Salamis after taking out its vanguard.

Meanwhile the other Salamis is pushing forward while the Zakus and GM fight to a stalemate.

The last GM goes down and the 3 Zakus move forward to engage the Salamis.

The AA guns are working overtime on the Salamis cruisers, the two of them manage to perforate a few Zakus.

Then a pair of Zakus unload taking down one Salamis and wounding the other.

The last Zaku makes a bridge run and buries its heat hawk on the Salamis finishing it off.

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