MechaStellar VER 8.8R3- April 2023 Update

One of our players noticed an error affecting Twin-Linked (TL) Missile Pods as well upgraded Missile Pods for instance on Big O. Since this error was affecting a large number of units we worked quickly to push out this month’s update early. The Roster Update will still take place at the end of the month and include more units from G Gundam.

We also completed a Rules Review we started in March. The purpose of the rules review was to check for syntax errors and other oversights which can crop up when you change game terms, for example several sections of the rules were updated from Skilled/Ace Pilot to Tier 1-2 Pilot/Kaiju/Captain. The rules review also checked to ensure that certain terms were defined early on, for instance the [M-#] term came up several pages before it was officially defined. Lastly, we looked over certain key sections and reorganized some of the bullets to make it easier to follow for new players. Many thanks to Mike, our board game action economy expert and Big Duo Enthusiast, for spearheading this endeavor.

Below the break you’ll find the summary of changes.


  • Added [M-#] to Momentum definition on page 5
  • Added Armor Saves to the definitions on page 6
  • Removed Crash Through from the Full Throttle section since it already exists in the optional module
  • Removed a few lines from the Melee clash section that were obsolete with the latest melee weapons update which removed bonus dice in favor of bonus hits. 
  • Reordered Armor Save section
  • Updated Shield section to keep important bits as bullet points and remove examples of shields (i.e. Light shield does x, melee shield does y)
  • Clarified Tactical Advantage that secondary effects can stack (Blindside and Shutdown for example) but the +1 Critical Hit does not stack.  Updated example.
  • Updated Stun / Shutdown.
  • Updated several sections to be Tier 1-2 Pilot/Kaiju/Captain instead of Skilled / Ace Pilot.
  • Added Cover sheet to show a clear delineation for Optional Mods & Reference Information (Traits & How to Read a Mecha Unit Profile)
  • Updated Table of Contents for Core Rules and Quick Start Rules
  • Updated “Fearless” in the SRW module to instead give Move+5″ or a bonus chance to Rally


  • Slight Movement/HP adjustments for Wing Gundam and Shenlong
  • Based on a few complaints revised the Size Bonus to instead provide +2xHP, instead of +Melee & +HP.  Units affected: Evangelion units, Big O, Mazinger’s Zeus & Hades, Getter Robo, Pacific Rim, Big Zam, Val Varo, Neue Ziel, GP03. 
    • Very large units (Daitarn 3, Gunbuster, Ideon, etc.) will still gain a melee bonus along with their Evade penalty.
  • Fixed an error on Slattern (Pacific Rim) & Hell King Gordon (Mazinger) where it was not receiving a Melee bonus
  • Rebalanced Coyote Tango to have improved Melee but weaker energy casters.


  • Updated Missile / Rocket Barrage name to instead be Large Missile Barrage or Large Rocket Barrage to make it more intuitive as to why the damage is larger
  • Based on feedback fixed an error on Twin-Link Missile Pods, then rebalanced Missile Pods to be Bonus Hits to be in line with the other missile platforms to finish at 5 Shots and +3 Hits.
  • Rebalanced other explosive weapons (Grenade Launchers = +100 DMG.  Micromissiles +2 Shots, Needle Missiles +2Hits.)
    • Heavy Arms, Gyan, GP03 and Neue Ziel players rejoice.

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