MechaStellar March 2023 Roster Update – G Gundam

For this months updates we have several more Mobile Fighers from G Gundam to add to the MechaStellar roster including Neros Gundam, Tequila Gundam, Lumber (Grizzly) Gundam, John Bull (Royal) Gundam, Pharaoh Gundam and Minaret Gundam.

There’s been several major rules overhauls the last few months but for this month it will be relatively minor. Below you can find a summary of updates. The biggest change will be to Melee weapons. In an effort to reduce Mental Math any weapons that gave bonus dice (i.e. Melee ATK+1d10) instead give a bonus Hit or Block. Most of the Mobile Suits had a 1-to-1 swap on +1d10 to +1 Hit, but for our Super Robots they instead would trade +2d10 for +1 Hit and +1 ARM PEN.

Below you can find a Summary of Updates

Rules Update

  • Based on Feedback updated the Take the Shot Skill to be [M-2] and ignore penalties while within Sensors range.  Also updated optional cover rules for beam weapons firing through terrain to be ARM PEN-3 instead of PEN=0.
  • Updated Unbeaten Trait to use Hits/Blocks instead of bonus dice
  • Updated “Titan” nomenclature to “Super Titan”

Mecha Profile Updates

  • Adjusted Hyper Mode to give the choice of +2 Actions or +2 Critical Hits
  • While prototyping Super Robots from the Braves series realized an issue with Frame 5 vs Frame 4 Titan units.  All Frame 5 Units received +2 EQ Slots to compensate.  Units affected: GP03 Dendrobium, Neue Ziel, Big Zam, GP02 Physalis, Gundam Wing Units, Kaiju Slattern, Evangelions & Zeruel, Hell King Gordon, Zeus & Hades
  • Fixed an error where Frame 5 Super Titan units had an extra +1000 HP.


  • Fixed an error on GP03s Mega Beam cannon
  • Updated Sniper Rifle’s special ability to bypass enemy Cover.  Reduced Rapid Fire Penalty by 1.
  • Upgraded Beam Glaive, Feilong Flag and Zero-Range Gaia Crusher.
  • Adjusted Beam Daggers and Assassin Beam Saber to instead make use of Finisher
  • Updated ranges for Death Rays.  Units affected RX78-4, Zock, Big Zam, Wing Gundam, Sachiel, Zeruel, Getter-1
  • Mental Math Reduction – Updated Melee weapons to be +Hit or +Block instead of Bonus dice

G Gundam Update

  • Added 7 Units to the Roster
  • Gundam Fight Rules
  • Added “Earth is the Ring” to the Gundam Fight rules to establish knockback and terrain damage.
  • Clarified wording on Offense (Melee) that Finishing Blow+1000 DMG is an additional bonus for Focus actions.  Updated the [HP-2000] effect to clarify its intended to cancel out “Concoct a Clever Plan” or the Action penalty from Mobile Trace System. 
  • Clarified wording on Defense (Melee) that the [M-2] can apply to Attack or Counterattack so long as the enemy fails to deal damage. 
  • Updated Seeking Shots to instead be +2 PEN within Sensor range. 
  • Updated High Mobility to reward high movement fighters.

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