[MS] Battle Report – G Gundam Shuffle Alliance Tag Team

This is a short battle report using the MechaStellar rules for a 2v2 Tag Team match of the Shuffle Alliance, on one side we have Gundam Maxter and Dragon, on the other we have Bolt Gundam and Gundam Rose.

They were using an older version of the Gundam Fight rules and so did not play with the double starting HP variant.

Round 1

Fighting Styles – Maxter/Dragon choose High Mobility. Rose / Bolt choose Seeking Shots.

Gundam Maxter uses his surfboard entrance to surge up the field and unloads on Gundam Rose using his twin Magnums. Rose Gundam is hit three times, he fails two armor saves and loses 2 Momentum to avoid the extra damage and action loss.

Gundam Rose is up next, and uses its Rose Bits twicec to attack Maxter who is hit 4 times. Maxter fails an Armor Save and loses an action.

Dragon Gundam ascends to the high ground before unleashing a gout of flame onto Bolt Gundam down below and takes 10 hits.

Bolt Gundam responds in kind swinging the Graviton Hammer attempting to knock Dragon off of its perch. Dragon loses [M-2] to avoid being hit and knocked down.

Round 2

Fighting Styles – Maxter/Dragon choose Offense (Melee). Rose/Bolt choose Seeking Shots.

Bolt is up first.  Spins the Graviton Hammer several times like an olympic hammer throw before releasing it into Dragon, Argo uses the Focus action for additional shots along with Hyper mode and Make it Count skill for additional Hits.

Dragon Gundam has a terrible Evade roll, despite only needing a 4+ he rolled two critical hits and several hits plus a flurry of bonus hits.

Dragon attempted to use the illusory properties of the Feilong Flags but he rolled a 1 for bonus blocks, Dragon was nailed and took additional damage from falling and hitting the rock formation. Dragon Gundam was down for the count after that unlucky roll.

Maxter is up next, he moves towards Rose with a barrage of burning punches, Rose takes two but passes the armor saves. Maxter then uses his Focus actions to improve Melee and goes in for a knockout punch. He gets a terrific roll while George completely whiffs on Defense.

Rose Gundam’s counterattack fails to deal any hits so Maxter strikes a finishing blow knocking him out.

Butler Gundam retrieves Gundam Rose

Round 3

Fighting Styles: Maxter chooses Offense (Melee) while Bolt chooses Defense (Melee)

Maxter is up first and Cyclone punches Bolt into the nearby terrain,

Maxter then switches to boxing mode and once again gets a lucky roll with several critical hits. Maxter gets 16 Hits while Bolt gets only 7 Blocks on Defense. Argo empties the Momentum pool to survive the hit.

His counterattack is vicious and pummels Maxter in return and prevents him from striking a Finishing Blow.

Round 4

Fightin Style – Bolt Gundam choose Offense (Melee). Maxter choose Defense (Melee)

Bolt Gundam continues to pummel Maxter who burns through his Momentum pool to stay standing. Bolt Gundam then uses his crushing strength to finish him off with a bear hug, the last bit of damage defeating his opponent.

Since the players were still getting used to the units and the Gundam Fight rules this fight a few tactical mistakes were made leading to an early game victory.

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