MS – G Gundam Miniatures

In this post we’ll look at some of the models available for G Gundam including the smaller 1/400 collection (1.5-2″), the slightly larger 1/300 (2-3″) and the Mobile Suits in action 4.5″ figure. On the whole models for G Gundam are hard to come by, both for Gunpla plastic kits as well as action figures and gashapon. The images will also be added to the larger Gundam 1/400, 1/300 and 1/200 miniatures page. You can find the tabletop rules for MechaStellar on the game downloads page.

Fortunately, the widely popular Mobile Suits in Action Line (MSIA or MS in Action) line of action figures from the 1999 through the 2000s has the biggest variety of models for Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

The MSIA range has a good level of detail and is very sturdy even after all these years and are great for posing and letting the kids play with them. Since they come with large amounts of accessories similar to the more modern Robot Spirits / Robot Damashii line its usually best to keep some plastic bags on hand to keep all the accessories (beam sabers, weapons, special attacks, etc.) in one place.

Pictured above is the Shuffle Alliance. Many of the popular Gundam’s from this series also have a battle scarred version which have a good deal of weathering and battle damage on the model and often come with a piece of terrain as seen above where Dragon, Shining, Rose and Maxter are all battle scarred.

The Mobile Suit in Action range is also one of the only places to find some of the more esoteric designs. Pictured above is the Matador Gundam, Zebra Gundam, Mandala Gundam, and Cobra Gundam. There were only a few fighters that did not receive MSIA figures, that said some of the more popular ones (such as the Windmill Nether Gundam) are very hard to find these days.

While many of the Mobile Fighters from G Gundam received a Gunpla treatment, they are difficult to find nowadays. Since then typically the only Gundam’s to receive model kits are Shining Gundam, Master Gundam and Burning / God Gundam. Although 20 years later, Rose Gundam received a new kit but on P-Bandai only.

Gundam S.O.G. 1/300 and 1/400 G Gundam

For the smaller gashapon on the outside edges we have the 1/300 SOG Burning and Master Gundam released as part of a special set at the end of the SOG range. In the middle are the 1/400 range which includes Burning / God Gundam, Shining Gundam, Master Gundam with Fuunsaiki, Nobel Gundam and the Dark / Devil Gundam. Unfortunately there aren’t any other fighters in the 1/400 range.

Mobile Suit in Action Gundam S.O.G. 1/300 and 1/400 Burning Gundam Master Gundam

Above you can see a comparison photo showing the heights of the 1/400, the 1/300 and the MSIA figures.

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