[MS] Miniatures for Gundam 1/400, 1/300 SOG, Standart, Ultimate Operation, Assault Kingdom

Gundam Miniatures, Gundam 1/400, Gundam 1/300 SOG, Ultimate Operation, Standart, Assault Kingdom
Zaku I Sniper sleeping on the job

On this page we’re going to discuss the different miniatures available for Mobile Suit Gundam for use in the MechaStellar Wargame Rules. This post will feature the Gundam 1/400 collection, the 1/300 S.O.G. range, and a number of ranges that are roughly 1/220 scale but for the sake of convenience we’ll call them 1/200 for this write-up. We’ll examine the pros and cons of each Gundam mini collection and at the end we’ll have a number of comparison shots showing the different ranges side by side.

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MechaStellar – Mazinger Z Miniatures

Mazinger Z Garada K7 Doublas M2 Great Mazinger Mazinkaiser Shin Mazinger God Scrander
Mazinger Z Garada K7 Doublas M2 Great Mazinger Mazinkaiser Shin Mazinger God Scrander

Mazinger Z is a classic series from the 70s with both a manga and several TV shows and OVA adaptations. Along with Getter Robo and Tetsujin-28 it is one of the original super robot series, with Mazinger being the first piloted super robot, while Tetsujin-28 who appeared earlier was controlled remotely.

Mazinger as a series is created by Go Nagai and popularized with its first animated appearance produced by Toei animation. The of Mazinger has gone through many incarnations and reboots both in manga and anime form including Mazinkaiser, Shin Mazigner Z (Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact) and of course it forms the holy trinity of Super Robot Wars games with Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, and Gundam who have appeared in nearly every single entry.

Below the break we’ll talk about the various type of Mazinger miniatures and figures out there you can use for mecha minis in a Mechastellar tabletop Super Robot Wars game.

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Stellar Warships – Gundam Miniatures

With the recent release of VER 8 Stellar Warship rules it’s a good time to put out a post on what kind of Stellar Warships to use. This post will focus on Warships from Mobile Suit Gundam which you can use with the MechaStellar rules for a Gundam Tactics game with warship fire support.

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[MS] Big O Miniatures

For ‘The Big O’ mecha-anime there are a few options out there for miniatures. There are a few Big O models released as part of Super Robot Gashapon series that also includes series like Getter Robo, Gaiking and Mazinger Z. For our games we are using Big O trading figures produced by Kotobukiya.

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[MS] – Pacific Rim Extinction Miniatures

Just a quick update, since we’ve been working on MechaStellar a new game for Pacific Rim has come out of kickstarter called Pacific Rim Extinction. The models are very nice, although a bit pricey and are the perfect scale if you want your Jaegers to tower over Mobile Suits while being the same height as an Evangelion. Below are some more comparison photos. We’ll be adding these to the original model post as well.

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[MS] – Getter Robo Miniatures

Continuing with the last few posts this one will feature figures from the Getter Robo Mecha series. Getter Robo is a classic series from the 70s with both a manga and several TV shows and OVA adaptations. The Manga which the units profiles from MechaStellar are based on is written by Ken Ishikawa and starts off with the Getter Team fighting off Mechasauruses from the Dinosaur Empire. While it may sound silly the manga is an exciting ride and well worth the time, but keep in mind it is hyper violent so viewer discretion is advised.

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[MS] – Gundam Miniatures 1/400 & 1/300

This is an older post, for the updated one please click on this link.

Continuing from our last post this one we’ll look at the Gundam miniatures available. This post will focus on Gundam models at the 1/400 & 1/300 scale. The 1/400 line of Gundam minis that ran from 2004 to 2010 and with an amazing wide array of models released for both Universal Century (UC) and Alternate Universes (AU).

In the UC range it covered everything from the original Mobile Suit Gundam (0079) until Unicorn (0096) with a few units being produced for F91 and Victory Gundam. For AU it had major releases for Gundam SEED and Gundam Wing as well as models for the main mobile suits of G Gundam, Gundam X, Turn A Gundam and Gundam 00. The standard 1/400 has a simple black base the figure stands on, there is also a series called Mini Figure Select or M.F.S. that is also 1/400 scale and is either painted on a white base or metallic on a black base as seen above.

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