[MS] – Getter Robo Miniatures

Continuing with the last few posts this one will feature figures from the Getter Robo Mecha series. Getter Robo is a classic series from the 70s with both a manga and several TV shows and OVA adaptations. The Manga which the units profiles from MechaStellar are based on is written by Ken Ishikawa and starts off with the Getter Team fighting off Mechasauruses from the Dinosaur Empire. While it may sound silly the manga is an exciting ride and well worth the time, but keep in mind it is hyper violent so viewer discretion is advised.

The first set of figures are from KT Toys (Kaiyodo & Takara both big manufacturers, you may know Kaiyodo by their very popular Revoltech line) who made figures for Getter Robo as well as Getter Robo G. On the far right is a model produced by Banpresto, the same company that also makes the popular Super Robot Wars video games, of which Getter Robo is almost always a staple. The figure / diorama on the right also features one of the Mechasauruses of the Dinosaur Empire.

Below you see the original Getter-1 and Getter-2 with a 1/400 Gundam to scale. The Getter Robo figures are around 3″ tall, roughly double the size of the Gundam which scale wise is fairly accurate with the RX78-2 Gundam coming in at 18m and the Getter Robo coming in at 40m.

There are also Getter Robo Gashapons (capsule toys) on the secondary market. The most common are the Shin Gettter Robo models, these takes their design aesthetics from the beloved Getter Robo Armageddon OVA. These are also 3″ and below you can see a comparison shot between the KT figures and the Gashapon.

The Gashapon also includes the Stellva an American mecha with a plasma reactor that shows up in Getter Robo Go (Manga) as well as the Getter Robo Armageddon OVA. Both sets of figures are sturdy with the older KT figures being much easier to keep upright, with the Gashapon it would be recommended to use blue-tack and a black base to keep them upright at all times. The Gashapon also uses a softer thermoplastic like the Gundam models so if any piece winds up bent you can dip it into hot water, reshape it the way you want it then let it cool off to retain that shape.

The figures availability on secondary markets tends to ebb and flow, sometimes you can get lucky and snag one for about $5, other times you may find a complete set between $40-$200. If you’d like to add these to your collection or use them in MechaStellar you’ll want to keep an eye out. There are also numerous large scale figures on the market since Getter Robo is a very popular Mecha series and those would work well if you are using larger scale models from Revoltech, NECA, or Robot Damashii.

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