MechaStellar Roster Update – Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z Art Album Cover

Mazinger Z is a classic series from the 70s with both a manga and several TV shows and OVA adaptations. Along with Getter Robo and Tetsujin-28 it is one of the original super robot series, with Mazinger being the first piloted super robot, while Tetsujin-28 who appeared earlier was controlled remotely.

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[MS] September Update – MechaStellar VER 8.4 Released

For Septembers roster update we have 24 new mecha unit profiles including the foundational Super Robot series, Mazinger Z.  We are also releasing MechaStellar VER 8.4 Core Rules which streamlines some items in the Stellar Warfare section and provides another option for [Focus] as well as changes to Disengage.  Lastly, there’s a large balance update that will address some points cost issues, movement and evade as well as improving the durability of some units. 

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MechaStellar VER 8.3 Released – Stellar Warship Update

For August’s update we putting the Stellar back into MechaStellar. Our Stellar Warship rules for VER 8 have been in testing for a close to a year now, and we are now satisfied with where they are at to start releasing them this month. This month we release the Musai and Salamis from Mobile Suit Gundam. In the future we’ll release additional Stellar Warships from Gundam as well as other Mecha series such as the J-Ark from GaoGaiGar. Below we’ll talk about our Design Goals and the mecha tactics to employ.

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[MS] Battle Report – Big O vs The Third Angel Sachiel

A MechaStellar player recently asked about a Big O and Sachiel matchup. We haven’t had these two face off against each other yet so we decided to set up a game and see who could come out on top. The minis used are the Kotobukiya one coin figures for Big O and the Seika figures for Evangelion.

Below the break you’ll see a battle report and some of the mecha tactics we employed.

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[MS] Unit Upgrades for Matchmaking

The upgrade system was created as a way to take favorite units and upgrade them to compete with higher performance units. We’ve also included several options you can purchase to help you match points with your opponent without using additional units.

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MechaStellar VER 8.2 Released

Hot on the heels of VER 8.1 we are releasing VER 8.2.  This update includes some adjustments to Combat Roles, the Pilot system, as well as various balance changes.  We’ll cover the Pilot changes in detail in a follow-up post.  Below is a quick synopsis. Updated rules and mecha unit profiles can be found on the downloads page here.

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[MS] Tactics – Gelgoog Marines

A variant of the iconic Gelgoog the Marine debuted in 0083 Stardust Memory. A priceless antique from 0079 so far gone from routine maintenance it had to abandon the Gelgoog Beam Rifle in favor of a machine gun.  These units are expensive for grunts but they can be a powerful asset on the battlefield.  Let’s find out in this Gundam tabletop tactics post.

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[MS] Tactics – GP04 Gerbera

GP04 Gerbera is a cancelled prototype after the overhaul of the GP01 into the GP01-Fb.  Since the two units would now be filling similar roles, the GP04 was deemed redundant and design efforts were halted.  Conveniently, this allowed Anaheim Electronics (AE) the opportunity to play both sides of the conflict and ship the mostly complete unit to Zeon’s Cima Garahau who then modified it into the GP04 Gerbera Tetra which we see on screen.

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