[MS] Battle Report – Big O vs The Third Angel Sachiel

A MechaStellar player recently asked about a Big O and Sachiel matchup. We haven’t had these two face off against each other yet so we decided to set up a game and see who could come out on top. The minis used are the Kotobukiya one coin figures for Big O and the Seika figures for Evangelion.

Below the break you’ll see a battle report and some of the mecha tactics we employed.

Round 1

Sachiel wins initiative and a Cross Explosion lights up the city, 1 building is destroyed (Sachiel +1 VP, M+1) and Big O takes 1500 DMG.  Big O blocks with its Shield arms and charges into Melee with a High Speed Attack.  His fists miraculously break through the AT Field thanks to several Crits (Big O +1 VP, M+1), Sachiel retaliates and deals 1000 DMG.

Round 2

Big O goes first, it’s piston rears back but his fist slams into the AT Field with a bad melee roll; Sachiel counterattacks for another 2500 DMG (Big O +1VP, M+1).  On Sachiel’s turn it strikes Big O in Melee (Big O +1 VP, M+1) then disengages; another Cross Explosion lights up the city destroying 2 more buildings (Sachiel +1 VP, M+2) while Roger burns through Momentum to narrowly avoids the explosion, the players visualized it as Roger used Big Os anchors to pull himself out of harms way like in the fight with Schwarzwald.

Round 3

Luck is with Roger Smith and Big O goes first once more, his luck continues and the piston rears back for a sudden impact with several critical hits.  As Paradigm City’s Top Negotiator Roger’s quick thinking and cool under fire attitude lets him use two skills per turn, he used Make it Count (+1 CRIT) and Giant Slayer (+2 PEN), 3000 DMG gets through (Big O +1 VP, M+1) an Sachiel must make an Armor Save.  There’s a chance it will punch through Sachiel’s core but alas it rolled a 9 and is safe.  Low on Momentum it cannot use its cross explosion so Sachiel retaliates with the glowing piledriver in its arm which cracks into Big O’s skull, Big O barely survives with 500 HP (Big O +1VP, M+1).

Round 4

Sachiel goes first this round, Big O relies on its Shield Arms and Sachiel fails to destroy him, it disengages from Melee and uses the Momentum it saved up for one last Cross explosion destroying 50+% of the buildings (Sachiel +6 VP).  Big O makes a lucky Evade roll but even with its large lumbering Shield arms it needed one more block to survive.  Big O goes down.

Final Score:  Big O 5 VP.  Sachiel 8 VP.

Mecha Tactics Post-Mortem Analysis

Big O player: I was hoping to take down Sachiel with a penetrating hit, but with PEN 6 there’s good odds Sachiel would survive, which it did when she rolled that 9 on the Armor Save.  I should have used All-Out Attack instead that turn for a Chrome Dome prior to Melee, I might have been able to take out Sachiel.  Oh and I should have used “Ye Not Guilty” when I did my high speed attack instead of saving it for later.

Sachiel Player: I like this AT Field compared to the one we had last year, where you Blocked 4 Shots from the start and had another +4 Blocks vs weapons with lower PEN like a Machine Gun.  Sachiel was unstoppable back then (but unbalanced) whereas now having a flat +2 Blocks with a few more Blocks vs machine guns is a lot more reasonable.  It means you can have more matchups against an Angel instead of having to use a specific unit with very high number of attacks and penetration.  As someone who likes Super Robot Wars I think this is a better fit even if the AT fields look weaker on the surface. 

I didn’t feel like I was in danger early on, but with Big O kept battering me I realized it could get through my defenses if I wasn’t cautious.  I was way behind on Victory Points at the start but since I was able to wipe out half the buildings I got a large +5VP boost.  Sachiel is lucky because it has AOE attacks to wipe out buildings so you can fight the enemy and fulfill your objective by destroying buildings at the same time, other Kaiju don’t have the same luxury.

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