[MS] Unit Upgrades for Matchmaking

The upgrade system was created as a way to take favorite units and upgrade them to compete with higher performance units. We’ve also included several options you can purchase to help you match points with your opponent without using additional units.

Since March we’ve been doing a lot of playtests involving high powered units and ace matches. One thing that would often come up would be a power disparity between forces, where if players agreed to a 2v2 or 3v3 match either the points wouldn’t match up or there’d be a situation where one player was fielding a unit whose performance was distinctly higher than his opponent’s army. To address that we added in some unit upgrade rules.

The most important one will be to spend +50pts to effectively upgrade a unit by 2 Performance. This way you can take your favorite unit, retrofit and upgrade them to the latest tech and field them in your games. You can roleplay finding the scraps of a OYW Gundam like the Alex and repairing and upgrading it to function in the Char’s Counterattack Era (effectively making your own Gundam Tristan). Once we move the timeline forward and release more units from the Zeta Gundam era and CCA era this will be a fun way to take your favorites from the OYW and have them face off against newer models on an even playing field.

We’ve also included other options for upgrades including one to give your Ace Pilots superior instincts. This will be very useful if your opponent likes to field Newtype weapons like Funnels and Bits. We also included an option to formally upgrade a Pilot from Level 0 to Level 1 or Level 2 since a few of you asked about that in the past.

Thanks for reading and let us know of your success with the upgrade system.

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