[MS] Design Goals – Gritty MS Battles

A new optional module was added for Gritty MS Battles.  This mode increases HP and trades out instant-kills from Armor Saves with Battle Damage and Shield Breaks instead.

This game mode is ideally suited for small engagements between MS.  It’s the best way to reenact your favorite scenes from The 08th MS Team, Blue Destiny and even 0083 Stardust Memory.  With considerably more HP units will last far longer and you’ll see the benefit of taking a standard Shield over a Light or Melee Shield.  Since ARM Penetration no longer results in instant death you don’t need to always prioritize your Momentum for Skill Defense.  As long as you’re willing to roll the dice on the battle damage table you can save that Momentum for other purposes such as Pilot Skills including the exclusive “Make it Count” skill for Level 1 Pilots.

Here’s an example: A GM Command Space type fires its beam gun at a Rick Dom. Two hits for 600 damage and an Armor Save which the Rick Dom fails. Normally this results in the destruction of the Rick Dom, but with the Gritty MS Battles module instead the Rick Dom survives and suffers battle damage. The Battle damage result is the main camera so the GM blew the head off the Rick Dom who must now fight at a disadvantage.

You can also use this game mode when running the MechaStellar Mission Packs. Give it a try with the Federation or Zeon campaign and let us know what you think.

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