[MS] Battle Report – 0083 Stardust Memory vs OYW Aces

This is one of our more memorable Gundam Tactics games using the Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory Units right around the time they were released. The models used are the Gundam 1/400 line of minis.

In this matchup the Federation player fielded GP01, GM Customs and GM Cannon II and some support GMs while the Zeon player fielded Johnny Ridden’s Gelgoog and Ramba Ral’s Gouf, several Doms, and a rare Gouf Flight Test Type from MSV. The game type was “Secure the Objective” which is a 40k style Take and Hold scenario. Below is a short battle report:

Round 1 – Both players spent this turn maneuvering and firing long range weapons. A GM Cannon II destroyed the cover protecting Ridden’s Gelgoog, at the start of the second round a very poor Evasion roll meant the end of Johnny Ridden, things were not looking good for the Zeon player.

Round 2&3 – Ramba Ral’s Gouf faced off with South Burnings GM Custom & Gundam GP01 in Melee; both players use up their Momentum keeping their units alive although the Gouf is now perforated from the GM Rifle. While the Federation player was busy hammering the Gelgoog and Gouf with all its firepower the Dom’s were going full throttle up the side of the board and executed a flanking attack. Getting revenge for Commander Ridden by taking down the GM Cannon II and several GMs.

Round 4 – The Gouf wins initiative and manages to take out South Burning’s GM Custom but he is immediately avenged by GP01’s beam saber. GP01 pulls hoping to support the remaining GMs as the Dom’s continue their deadly high speed attack.

Round 5 – GP01 destroys two Dom’s this round with its beam rifle and beam saber. Alas, the final Dom blindsides GP01 who finally succumbs to the damage from half a dozen Giant Bazooka shots. The round concludes with the Federation and Zeon both having one unit left. Victory Points are tallied and the Federation ekes out a win by having 2 additional Victory Points. A very close but fun game!

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