MechaStellar VER 8.2 Released

Hot on the heels of VER 8.1 we are releasing VER 8.2.  This update includes some adjustments to Combat Roles, the Pilot system, as well as various balance changes.  We’ll cover the Pilot changes in detail in a follow-up post.  Below is a quick synopsis. Updated rules and mecha unit profiles can be found on the downloads page here.

Updating Roles

Based on some feedback we adjusted Melee and Sniper to be a Role instead of a Special Type.  This allows for cheaper Melee units like the Gouf and Efreet and cheaper snipers like the GM Sniper Custom and GM Sniper II while offering some more variety in unit profiles. On average Frame 1-2 Melee & Sniper units dropped 20-30pts in price.

Updating Pilot

The Pilot system is shifting away from lowering Pilot Skill costs.  Instead Skilled and Ace Pilots will have access to exclusive skills which are quite powerful.  Skilled & Ace Pilots have a cheap offensive skill while Ace Pilots have access to a powerful defensive skill that becomes more expensive as the rounds wear on.

Mecha Combat changes

For Titan units including Super Robots and Mobile Armors from Gundam we’ve adjusted their upgraded weapons so they don’t focus too heavily on Shots which became disruptive in several games.  As a result the bonus for an upgraded weapon is typically split between two categories, for instance a Beam weapons will give +1 Shot and +1 PEN; a conventional weapon like a bazooka might be +1 Shot and +X DMG instead.

Another profile was added for Missile type weapons, splitting up Missile Pods and Micro-missiles.  Not every unit benefitted from the close-range advantage of micro-missiles but we couldn’t justify the very long range benefits of fire support missiles. As a result Missile pod became its own profile which found a middle ground between the two.  Along a similar line we got a good suggestion for high rate of fire weapons, since the cap is 10 shots the suggestion was that twin-linking them would put more shots on the front end instead of in rapid fire range.  For example Micro Missiles (4 Shots, Rapid Fire +6) would become Shots 6, Rapid Fire +4 when twin-linked.

With the adjustments to Weight (WT) in VER 8.1 we found it too penalizing for movement for units with Shields, which is a significant portion of the roster.  We eventually decided to remove the movement penalty for Shields, and reduce the penalty for Super Shields.  Overall, many units will see a good movement bonus.

Summary of Changes

Core Combat & Wargame Rules Updates

  • Added two Universal Skills for Skilled and Ace Pilots only.  Removed the Skill cost effect of Pilot Level.
  • Added “Target a unit in a Melee Engagement” to the “Take the Shot” skill.  Removed this effect from the Sniper role.
  • Update Giant Slayer, All-Out Attack & Tear through the Ranks.  Rebalanced [M] costs on all Pilot Skills.
  • Added Remote Weapons to Advanced Rules section
  • Gunner’s Gambit removed.
  • Updated Close combat expert and Merciless Melee to give Melee 4+ and Crit 9+.  Removed that benefit from the Melee role.
  • Updated Gunnery Expert, Furious Fusillade and Deadeye to instead give +8″ Range or +1 Accuracy.
  • Updated Fighting Spirit to give a bonus when HP<50% or M=0.  Bonus M+1 on Melee Attack.
  • Mission Pack update to accommodate Pts changes

Mecha Unit Profile Sheet Updates

  • Frame 3 Units received a +10pt cost increase.
  • Melee & Sniper Special Types converted into Roles.  Gunner role renamed to Firepower role to prevent confusion with Sniper role.
  • Heavy Arms units received +1 EQ Slot
  • Adjusted GM Light Armor, Stripped Beam Rifle, and GM Night Seeker to leave room for the MSV-R Vasuki variant.
  • Updated Kampfer, Efreet & G-Line Assault Armor Shotgun profile.  Updated Hidden Beneath trait for Alex & GP03
  • Rebalanced Pacific Rim Units, Bigro and Blue Destiny Units
  • Rebalanced Titan Weapon upgrades to split bonuses between Shots and a second category (Range, PEN, etc.)
  • Update Frame 5 HP & ARM Saves.  Removed Indomitable from Char & JR Gelgoog
  • Added new Missile profile bringing the total profiles to 4.  (Micro Missiles, Missile Pod, Missile Barrage & Fire Support Missiles).  Rebalanced range, shots and damage for each Missile profiles.
  • Update Twin-Linked (TL) high rate of fire (ROF) weapons such as TL Machine Gun, Quad Machine Gun, Big O Thunder, Micro-missiles, etc.
  • Removed movement penalty for standard Shields.  Reduced movement penalty for Super Shields.
  • Added GP03 Dendrobium and Stamen, Neue Ziel, Val-Varo, GM Nightseeker Variant, Zaku II Variant

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