[MS] Tactics – GM Custom and GM Cannon II

A terrific pair of GMs made their debut in 0083 a Stardust Memory.  One a high-performance GM for Ace Pilots and the other a fire support unit wearing the chobham armor system from 0080 War in the Pocket. In this tactics post we’ll look at how best to use these two GMs on the tabletop.

The GM Custom is used by the Immortal 4th Team, a group of MS pilots led by LT South Burning who made it through the one year war without a casualty to their unit.  They piloted various GM types, originally with GMs and a GM Cannon and later GM Kai’s and GM Command Space types.  When they are reunited during 0083 they integrate in the two test pilots Kou Uraki (GP01) and Chuck Keith (GM Cannon II) into their team. 

The Custom is a high performance machine with an excellent track record, although it lacks any particular gimmicks causing Kou Uraki to remark how unremarkable it was.  A major portion of its design was based off of Gundam Alex so you should see some similarities in the unit profile for its Performance, Role and Special Type.  The Custom works best as a Vanguard unit, it has a solid Evade with a Shield making it a good choice to deal with enemy grunts. 

As an Assault type it can move further if need be, or use its action to Focus and improve Shooting or Melee accuracy.  For Pilot Skills, “Mayhem” is an excellent choice with their GM Rifle, the second skill is entirely up to you since it’s such a versatile unit.  With their Immortal trait you will want to prioritize Skill Defense, since if they Evade or Block all attacks they can (re)gain 1 Momentum.

The GM Cannon II is a GM Custom fitted with the Chobham armor that was first tested on Gundam Alex.  While it does slow the unit down and hamper its evasion it provides outstanding protection allowing it to soak up considerable damage which will be very helpful when using Gunner’s Gambit.  Also armed with a shield and GM rifle it’s most important armament is the twin-linked beam cannon on its shoulders.  Boasting a high range, armor penetration and damage it’s an excellent weapon to use when you’re opponent is low on Momentum. 

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