[MS] Tactics – Gelgoog Marines

A variant of the iconic Gelgoog the Marine debuted in 0083 Stardust Memory. A priceless antique from 0079 so far gone from routine maintenance it had to abandon the Gelgoog Beam Rifle in favor of a machine gun.  These units are expensive for grunts but they can be a powerful asset on the battlefield.  Let’s find out in this Gundam tabletop tactics post.

The Gelgoog Marines were used for boarding actions during the OYW.  While the standard Gelgoog is superior with Melee and Shooting the Marines have improved Evasion and Movement.  When compared to the GM Customs they have considerably more HP and a strong Evade which makes them fairly forgiving, but you’ll want to avoid letting them take any hits from a beam rifle or cannon since one bad Armor Save will eliminate them as it tears through the cockpit.

Lacking a beam rifle the Gelgoog Marine instead has to get up close with its machine gun as well as a beam rifle and knuckle shield (melee shield).  With a high movement getting close to enemies will be no problem, the consideration will be is it worth it to get locked in melee.  This will depend on what your opponent has within range and whether or not they have a superior or equal Melee pool.  Fortunately the Gelgoog Marine does have Elusive giving them Blocks vs Shooting attacks further enabling a hit and run playstyle.

The Commander unit piloted by Cima Garahau is using a repeating beam rifle which has the same profile as the Gelgoog Jaeger, and strong enough to blow apart GP01 as we see in the show.

Her Commander unit comes with twice the amount of propellant tanks allowing for extended periods of operation. Cima’s marine has the Assault type allowing her to use a second action to improve her accuracy or to full throttle for additional movement. Her unit still retains the older Gelgoog Shield giving it a solid defensive performance with her Pilot Traits making her exceptional at taking down enemy Skilled and Ace Pilots, although it’s best to do so when ambushing or your Momentum stockpile is high.

The Gelgoog Marines make for excellent ambush units.  If you’re playing with Commands and Events definitely take the opportunity to use [Ambush] and gains Tactical Advantage in doing so.  For Skills consider Fire Vulcans for additional volume of fire and Mayhem for pushing into melee.

Lastly, there is Cima’s Commander unit which has a repeating beam rifle which can make a high volume of shots.  She is best sent targeting enemy characters while your Momentum is high and does exceedingly well if they have poor Evade.  All of the units discussed in today’s post are Elites and are superb at taking down grunts, but be mindful of engaging powerful enemies like a Gundam, especially in ranged combat.  If that happens you’ll see the difference in power between these units.

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