[MS] Tactics – Gerbera Tetra

With the under the table transfer of GP04 to Zeon, Cima Garahau’s forces modified the unit with additional armor obscuring it’s iconic Gundam frame beneath a more Zeonic look. This post we’ll look at some tactics for one of the few Zeon Gundam units on the tabletop.

Design wise we wanted both the GP04 Gerbera and Gerbera Tetra to be similar but distinct in their playstyles.  Both GP04 units embraces embrace hit and run tactics or blasting through to the backline. The standard GP04 prefers longer range battles while the Tetra prefers more close range. 

It’s beam machine gun can be quite lethal both in terms of damage and Armor Penetration so even a single stray hit has the risk of striking down an unsuspecting Mobile Suit.  Just be mindful that it is prone to overheating and does not have Overwatch like most Machine Guns.  It also has one of the highest Evades to date so other units will have a difficult time keeping a bead on this unit.

The Gerbera Tetra made its onscreen debut near the end of 0083 Stardust Memory where it met an untimely demise at the hands of the GP03 Dendrobium Mobile Armor.  Just like in the show we recommend keeping the Gerbera Tetra close enough to deal rapid fire range but not close enough to be in Melee frequently, since it lacks the Shield a dedicated Melee unit can take her down. 

When using GP04 and the Tetra Zeon variant it will be important in using your 2nd action.  Full Throttle gives the extra bit of movement which can allow for strafing run attacks.  You can also use it to further improve shooting accuracy.  For Pilot Skills consider “Fire Vulcans” and “Return Shot” to capitalize on volume of fire and the Tetra’s impressive Evade.  If you want to get revenge on GP03 Mobile Armor consider the Giant Slayer skill to bring down the massive unit.

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