[MS] VER 8.2 Pilot Skills & Traits Update

With the changes to Pilot we also wanted to rebalance Pilot Skills, lowering the Momentum cost for most of them making them more appealing to use.  A few of them went through a balance overhaul as well.

Giant Slayer used to be the go to skill for wiping out Titans, but as we’ve been developing more and more Titan units it didn’t seem as fair to allow it to double damage.  While seeing a Mobile Suit bring down a Mobile Armor is pretty standard fare, it’s not very common for super robot shows to be obliterated without a second thought. While such a thing does occur, it is typically at the end of an episode or after unlocking a powerful attack, this is why Big O receives a strong improvement in Round 5. 

With that said we wanted Giant Slayer to be more broad and usable on other units and not just Titans.  We decided on a flat +1 PEN bonus, helpful against any unit and a higher PEN bonus if the unit is extremely large, thus aligning nicely with the name.

For Mayhem we found in more than a few games that getting a mag-dump point blank was simply too powerful; a mayhem attack could easily halve the HP of a Titan or even a Gundam and that was a bit too strong for that Pilot Skill.  So instead we adjusted it be an Overwatch attack, making less shots but also having a lower Momentum cost.

Tear through the Ranks was modified to be similar to how it used to function.  With the cost reduction going away from Pilot Level we wanted to make sure the Skill did not become too costly to use.  Now it allows for up to three destructions on a single use of the skill.

For Pilot Traits we updated Gunnery and Close Combat Expert to better align with Sniper and Melee becoming roles vice special types.  The old Hit on a 4+ and Crit on a 9++ became the benefit for Close Combat Expert.  Meanwhile, Gunnery Expert removed the bonus to shots which we found to be simply too powerful and instead replaced with an ability that extends range which has been quite valuable both for small movement units and even the ones with 20+ inches.

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