[MS] Unit Roster Update – 12NOV21

For this week’s update we are releasing several more units for the Earth Federation in Mobile Suit Gundam.  The following new units have been added: GM Cannon, Powered GM, GM Custom and GM Cannon II.  Variations have been added for GM Ground Type, GM Command and GM Sniper Custom to provide more options. They can be found on the downloads page here.

The GM Cannon was designed to meet the need for mass produced mid-range support unit while also being more economic than the Guncannon and the Guncannon MP.  The initial model heavily resembled a Guncannon with the red color scheme, twin shoulder cannons and even a Guncannon head but it was found the GM frame couldn’t support the recoil.  The GM Cannon was designed with a single cannon and added armor on the legs to improve the center of gravity and recoil compensation.  A Space Assault Version variant also exists where the extra weight on the legs was removed since it was no longer being weighed down by gravity.  For MechaStellar the GM Cannon is another 10 point starting unit for the Federation campaign to give you longer range firepower from the start.

The other three new units appear in Gundam 0083 a Stardust Memory, as we’re closing out most of the OYW variants we’ll start releasing units from 0081 and 0083 in the future.  The Powered GM is a GM Kai (Type C) fitted with a very powerful backpack thrusters as well as numerous control systems in the orange sections of its body.  The GM Custom and GM Cannon II were both developed from Gundam Alex, as a result we gave GM Custom the Assault trait to mirror Alex (with the change to Focus, Assault now benefits the Custom a great deal by allowing it either extra maneuvering or improved accuracy with its Rifle). 

The GM Cannon II has a high reinforced level bolstering its HP due to its Chobham armor and is the first mass produced model sporting powerful beam cannons. Both units are given a profile to represent being used by the Immortal 4th Team.  Since 0083 is a midway point between MSG (0079) and Zeta Gundam (0087) some of the high performance units will move past the Performance limit of 4 for OYW suits. 

Of the variations a GM Command has been added as another 30pt option for the Federation campaign and will come into play when we release the Blue Destiny Mission Pack.  The GM Ground Type may use a beam rifle just like the Gundam Ground type giving you access to longer range beam weapons earlier in the campaign.  Lastly, since we already had Lydo Wolf we’ve added the other top scoring Federation Ace, Tenneth A. Jung,as a variant for the GM Command Space and the GM Sniper Custom when you are playing Vs mode.

You can read more about Tenneth Jung’s exploits here.

Summary of Updates

-New Federation Units added: GM Cannon, GM Ground Type w/ Beam Rifle, GM Command, Ace GM Command Space (Tenneth Jung), Ace GM Sniper Custom (Tenneth Jung), Powered GM, GM Custom, GM Cannon II

-Updated Federation Mission Pack with new units available

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