[MS] – Evangelion Miniatures

Continuing from our last post this one we’ll look at the Evangelion miniatures available at a small scale. We’ll be looking at two kinds, the articulated models found in Gashapon (toy capsule machines) as well as the Seika pencil sharpeners.

The Evangelion gashapons are pretty easy to come by and there are a number of different kinds out there. The ones you’ve seen in previous posts are a few inches high and have a lot of articulation in the arms and legs however given the shape of an Evangelion they do have an issue standing up on their own on a flat surface, in that case if you decide to use them it may be best to get a generic black base and use some blue-tack as a temporary adhesive between the legs and the base. The gashapon set also includes some of the Angels that are not in the Seika set including the Israfel twins shown above, as well as Shamsel. Below is a size comparison between the gashapon and the seika pencil erasers (with built in bases).

Seika makes pencil sharpeners and they also have a bunch of unique ones that have famous anime series on top, luckily they made an Evangelion set and the sizes are all but perfect for a miniatures sized wargame. Each of the bases you see here underneath is a simple pencil sharpener. Compared to the Gashapon these are a bit smaller but blend in very well when using 1/400 scale Gundam models, they are also very nicely painted and have their own unique bases. It’s also the only set that I’m aware of that contains the original Zeruel design in a small scale form.

The only downside to the Seika set is that it has been out of production for quite some time. Occasionally you can find a good deal out there but often times the prices are quite high. So if you’re looking to build a flock of mass produced Evangelions it will set you back a pretty penny. Which is a shame since the models are beautiful and with the bases they are very easy to move around the tabletop.

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