[MS] Ver 8 December Playtests

We’ve been working on some major adjustments to the game rules regarding Melee, Momentum and Pilot as well as some point adjustments. As a result we’ve gotten in a lot of playtest games since our last update. Below are some photos snapped during a few of the games and some highlights.

08th MS Team

We started off using some favorite units from the 08th MS Team. Unfortunately it ended in a shut out for the Federtion who was still getting the hang of the Pilot / Momentum changes.

Testing: New Pilot, Momentum & Melee rules

Commander Traits: Resourceful (Shiro) & Commando (Norris Packard)

Zeon Secondaries: Surprise Assault, Last Bastion, Behind Enemy Lines

Federation: Rout the Enemy, Minimize Losses, Dominate the Battlefield

Mobile Suit Gundam – Encounters in Space

We haven’t done a Char and Amuro duel in a while, this one we put together using suits from the third movie Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space so we have Char’s Gelgoog, M’Quve’s Gyan as well as some Rick Doms and Zaku IIs. Very close match where casualties didn’t start until the second half of the battle, Federation 12, Zeon 16.

Testing: New Pilot, Momentum & Melee rules

Commander Traits: Unyielding (Amuro) & Three Times as Fast (Char)

Zeon Secondaries: Target the Prototype, Last Bastion, Dominate the Battlefield

Federation: God of Death, Bonds on the Battlefield, Repel the Enemy

Big Zam!

While it’s always fun to smash large armies with Big Zam we went with another canonical battle having the Gundam face off against the Big Zam. This one was rather anticlimactic since Big Zam misjudged how far back they moved and the Gundam made it into melee range in Round 3. With some lucky rolls he used the Giant Slayer Command and wiped him out. The rest of the game involved the Dom’s chasing down the Guncannons.

Testing: Melee, Titans, New Pilot Rules

Cross Universe – Getter Robo vs Gundam Sentinel

We have another Getter Robo release ready but thought it might be fun to have them face off from Mobile Suits from the Gundam universe. Note: The Dom’s in the photos are representing Xeku Eins from Gundam Sentinel. This one was a blast although we decided afterwards we’ll need to increase the Momentum cost of OPEN GET! to compensate for the change to Pilot.

Testing: New Pilot benefit & High vs Lower Performance engagements

GM Mock Battle

The Gundam Legacy manga has a fun bit where we see two pairs of GM teams facing off one another in a mock battle, we also see quite a number of mock battles in MSV-R RoJR. We thought it would be fun to have two teams of GMs face each other, using the early GMs vs the late war GMs that first appeared in 0080. The GM Command Space type managed to survive and wipe out most the enemy but ultimately lost out in points by Round 5, 15 to 18.

Testing: New points totals & Horde Army vs Small Army

Commander Traits: Rallying Leader (Horde) & Beacon of Battle (Small)

Horde Secondaries: Surprise Assault, Last Bastion, Scorched Earth

Small Army Secondaries: God of Death, Last Bastion, Repel the Enemy

GMs vs Hizacks

A similar battle but this one had a horde of GMs vs 4 Hizacks and a Hizack Custom. The game was neck and neck from rounds 1-4 with each side within 3 Victory Points of one another, in the 5th round the horde army controlled enough objectives to rocket up the score. The Hizack Custom Commander was also destroyed by a lucky charge from a GM Command Space. Final Score: GMs 37, Hizacks 25

Testing: Cross Era Compatibility; New points totals & Horde Army vs Small Army

Commander Traits: Rallying Leader (Horde) & Resourceful (Hizack)

Horde Secondaries: Top Gun, Last Bastion, Dominate the Battlefield

Small Army Secondaries: Rout the Enemy, Last Bastion, Repel the Enemy

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