MechaStellar Combat Rules

Rule Zero

During a game if a rule doesn’t make sense or conflicts with another rule talk it over with your opponent and come to an agreement on an outcome that is both sensible and fair.


Deploy Units

Each side takes one half of the battlefield.  We recommend a dinner table or FLGS table for your battlefield to make the most of your ranged weapons.  Make sure there is an even amount of terrain on each side of the battlefield. 

You may deploy your units from the table edge a distance equal to their Sensors value. You cannot deploy into your opponent’s half of the battlefield. 

The player with the most units deploys first and sets up all of their forces.  Once all units are deployed, both players may adjust the facing of their models.  Facing is important to prevent a strike from behind called a Blindside attack.

Alternate Deployment 

Designer’s Note:  This type of deployment is perfect for representing an ongoing skirmish with forces scattered across a city or jungle with each side trying to outflank the other.

You and your opponent take turns deploying units one by one anywhere on the table. Whoever has the most models deploys first. You may not deploy a unit within 16” of another unit unless you are behind terrain that blocks Line of Sight (LOS).


  • A battle Round is complete when every unit has activated and taken a turn.
  • A Unit is a model of a Mecha or other vehicle that participates in the battle 
  • A Unit Turn means a Unit activates and takes any Actions available to it.
  • A Unit can only be activated once per round.  Most units have one Action.
  • There are four Actions available: Shoot, Melee, Focus and Full Throttle.
    • Note: Melee is a free action usable only once per unit turn.

Start the Battle! 

Before each battle round starts both sides will roll off with a d10.  The side with the highest number goes first, in the event of a tie reroll. 

Challenge Accepted

At the start of the round the first unit activated may challenge an enemy, these two units must target one another this round with at least one attack if able. Naturally, if you retreat or hide away from line of sight the enemy is no longer required to respond. 

Alternating Activations

  • The 1st Player activates one unit, then the opponent activates one unit. 
  • Return Fire!  Your opponent must activate the unit you just attacked unless it has already taken a turn. If multiple units were attacked your opponent chooses one.
    • That unit must attack against the aggressor provided the target is visible and within effective range.  Snipers, Skilled & Ace Pilots ignore this effect.
  • Repeat until all units are activated.


Designer’s Note: Mechastellar is about dynamic mechs, you can move any time before and after attacks. 

  • Your Movement value shows the max horizontal distance you can move each turn. 
  • You may Move, then Act, then Move again up to your maximum Movement value.
    • You can pre–measure before performing any actions.
  • You can cross over terrain that is ~1” high or half your models height without issue.
    • Terrain taller than that requires a Full Throttle action.
  • Units with “Move (Fly)” may freely move over terrain up to 12” in height
    • They may cross over or land on terrain taller than 12” but you must measure the distance diagonally and pay movement to traverse the total distance.


  • At the start of your turn, you can move any direction you want.
    • Keep your models facing consistent with the direction it moves.
    • When retreating you may keep the same facing while moving backwards.
  • You are limited by how much you can rotate your models facing throughout the turn.
    • Your turning is limited to <90° after your first Shooting OR Melee Attack.
    • When making a Melee attack rotate your model to directly face the target.
    • On Melee Defense you may rotate to place the target in your front 180° arc.


  • Anytime you move within engagement range you become locked in Melee combat.
    • On your turn you still can move but you must stay within engagement range.
    • It costs [M–1] to Disengage from Melee & [M–1] to shoot after disengaging.
  • Engagement range depends on the size of the models you are using.
    • For small minis (2–5”) Engagement range is 3” from the model.
    • For tall models (6–12”) Engagement range is 6” from the model.
    • For very tall models (>12”) Engagement range is ½ the model height.
  • To move around an enemy you must fully stay outside their engagement range.
    • Careful positioning can block off an attack route to protect your flagship, home base, key objective or a vulnerable ally. 

[Action] Full Throttle! / Kaiju Charge!

  • Gain Movement+5” and you may freely move over terrain up to 12” in height.
    • Titans can use 1 Power for +1 Move (Max+5) with Full Throttle / Charge.
  • NOTE: A unit may only benefit from Full Throttle / Kaiju Charge once per unit turn. 

Crash through & Trample:

  • Size 2+ may crash through buildings with Full Throttle / Charge.
    • Buildings make a Saving Throw to avoid being destroyed.
  • Size 2+ units may also Trample up to 3 targets smaller than them.
    • Any unit that is trampled makes an Armor Save with the Armor Penetration equal to the Trampling units Size.  Failing the Armor Save deals 1000 DMG.

Weapon’s Range

  • A weapon’s profile shows its maximum effective range.  To check if a target is within range measure from the center on your unit to the center of the target unit.
  • Rapid Fire – If you are within ½ max effective range your attack has more shots
    • Ex: Your Beam Rifle has a max effective range of 32” where it fires 3 Shots.  At Rapid Fire Range (within 16”) you have RF+1 Shot for a total of 4 Shots.

Line of Sight (LOS)

Designer’s Note: LOS is meant to be a quick check of “can you see it or not?”  If you can only see a single limb or an antenna then you need to move to a better position.

  • You must have clear LOS to fire.  Position your eye behind your model.  You can shoot if you see at least one third of the enemy model.
    • Some terrain pieces obscure LOS so you cannot shoot through them.
  • Indirect Fire does not need LOS but cannot target units with overhead Cover.
  • Artillery Indirect Fire has a minimum range of 32” and max range of 40” + Sensors.
    • It has a –2 penalty to Shooting Accuracy, –1 if you stay stationary this turn.
    • Artillery Indirect Fire cannot be used in Stellar Battlefields
  • Remote Weapons can Indirect Fire from 0” up to their Maximum Range.
  • Indirect Fire does not benefit from any Traits or Skills.


Designer’s Note: It’s a wise idea to keep your toughest or most evasive units out front since the enemy grunts must target the closest valid target.

  • You may only target models in the 180° field of view in front of your model.
  • Ordinarily you must target the closest enemy model. 
    • Skilled & Ace Pilots, Sniper role may target any visible model.
    • Return Fire ignores this rule and lets you target your attacker.
    • Ignore enemies in Melee or outside LOS since they are not valid targets.

[Action] Focus

Designer’s Note: Focus is often used by Firepower or Assault units with only one weapon.

  • Choose one benefit when using this action: 
    • Basic Pilots may target any model with a shooting attack.
    • This Turn your Shooting weapons gain +1 Shot.
      • Melee and Shooting attacks within 16” instead gain +1 Hit.
      • PEN 0 Weapons instead gain +2 Shots, or +2 Hits within 16”.
      • This has no effect on Artillery Indirect Fire.
    • [Skilled / Ace Pilots] Select a weapon to shoot in engagement range.
      • Doing so gives that weapon +1 ARM PEN.
    • A Super Titan may temporarily gain +3 Power to use until its next turn.
      • The +3 bonus cannot be doubled or modified in anyway.

[Action] Shooting Attack

Designer’s Note: In MechaStellar you do not roll attack, instead the defender rolls a d10 to Evade.  Regardless of modifiers the number of shots a weapon makes cannot exceed 10 Dice.

  • The Defender rolls 1d10 + EVADE against each shot from a shooting weapon. 
    • The Defender decides the order of weapons to roll Evade against.
    • Skills and other effects can boost your Evade but that bonus is capped at +3.
  • If it meets or exceeds the enemy’s Shooting Accuracy you have evaded the Shot.
    • A roll of 1 is a Critical HIT which counts as 2 Hits 
    • A roll of 10 is always a MISS


  • Target number to evade equals their SHOOTING ACCURACY minus your EVADE

The Argonaut has two actions it uses one to fire its cannon and another to fire its machine gun at the Dervish.  Argonaut’s Shooting Accuracy is 9, Dervish has Evade +5 so her target number is 4+ to Evade each shot.

The cannon makes 3 shots, Dervish rolls 5,7,10.  All cannon shots miss.  The Machine gun (DMG 200) makes 6 shots. 
Dervish rolls [1,1,3,4,7,10].  3 Shots miss, 1 Hit and 2 Critical Hits for a total of 5 Hits. Dervish takes 200 DMG x 5 = 1000 DMG.

Firing Weapons

  • A Weapon System may only be fired once per turn and only have one target.
    • If you have 2 actions but 1 weapon, consider using Focus or Full Throttle.
  • NOTE:  The Focus action is required to fire a weapon in Melee

Power Requirements for Super Titan Weapons

  • Super Titans are also limited by their Power stat using weapons and shields.
  • Power may be spent any time to power a weapon / shield until the Titan’s next turn.
  • On the Titan’s next turn they may reallocate their Power stat on different options.

A Super Titan with Power 5 and 2 Actions could fire a Power 4 and Power 1 weapon but it could not fire two Power 3 weapons.

A Super Titan with Power 4 and 2 Actions activates.  It uses one Action to Focus for +3 Power and its second action to fire a Power 7 Weapon.

A Titan with Power 4 is attacked before it activates, it allocates 4 Power to its Great Shield for defense.  On its turn it may allocate that 4 power elsewhere or keep it in the Great Shield as it strides forward.


Charge into Melee

When you move into Engagement range the Defender does the following: 

  1. The Defender can fire an Overwatch weapon with each Action their unit has.
    1. Overwatch II fires twice, Overwatch III fires thrice, etc.
    1. The Attacker rolls Evade and uses their Shield as normal.
    1. Defenders may not do this if they are already in melee or being Blindsided.
    1. The enemy can gain Blindside if they started their turn behind you.
  2. Rotate their model so the enemy is in their 180° arc then clash with their weapons.

Zodiac charges AcroGunner (3 Actions & 3 Weapons with Overwatch III)  Zodiak rolls Evade vs 9 Shots before entering the Melee Clash. 

Melee Clash

Designer’s Note: Melee is a free action usable only once per turn where both sides attack & defend. It’s helpful here to have two different sets of dice when setting up your ATK & DEF pool, for instance you may have red dice for attack and blue dice for defense.

    • Attack & Defense.
    • ATK & DEF based on your chosen weapon (i.e. ATK+1d10).
    • Attack & Defense.
    • Attack is a Hit  |  Every 5+ rolled on Defense is a Block.
    • Attack 10s are Critical Hits which are counted as 2 Hits.
    • Pilot Skills, Commands or Events.
    • Armor Save.
  •  (Usable by Skilled and Ace Pilots or Dreadful & Unstoppable Kaiju)
    • [M–1] to Disengage.
    • ! (The attacker then gains a bonus if their Melee Stat is 10d10 or higher)
      • – Regain 500 HP  |  MS – You may Disengage and move up to 5”.

Blue Djinn is Melee 9d10 and has a Shield & Heat Sword.
White Asura is Melee 7d10 with a Shield & Beam Saber. 
As the Attacker Blue Djinn gets +1d10 to ATK & DEF.
Blue Djinn splits their dice into ATK 8d10 & DEF 3d10

For ATK they roll 8d10 [2,2,3,5,7,7,8,10] = 4 Hits & 1 CRIT = 6 Hits. 

White Asura had splits their dice into Attack 3d10 & Defense 4d10. 
Rolling 4d10 DEF he gets [2,5,8,10] = 3 Blocks +1 Shield = 4 Blocks.   
White Asura chooses not to use Skill Defense, the two unblocked hits deal 1000 DMG. White Asura passes their Armor Saves.

Now White Asura counterattacks with 3d10 [2, 8, 9] = 2 Hits! 
Blue Djinn has Defense 3d10 [2,4,4] = 0 Blocks +1 Shield = 1 Block.
Blue Djinn is out of Momentum and has to take the last hit.
Since both sides are taking damage neither strikes a Finishing Blow.
The Beam Saber has a high Armor Penetration so this may be a lethal hit.

Armor Saves

Weapons with high armor penetration have the chance to cause catastrophic damage.     Roll a d10 Armor Save (ARM Sv) once per Hit but no more than three Saves per weapon.  Each failed save does a flat 1000 DMG which cannot be modified. 

Tier 1–2 Pilots, Kaiju & Captains may lose [M–1] to immediately pass a failed ARM Sv.


Your target number is ARM PEN – ARM Save. If it is a 1+ you automatically pass the Save.

Laughing Joker (ARM Sv+2) is hit twice by a PEN 5 and four times by a PEN 4 weapon. She first rolls 2d10 and needs a 3+ (PEN 5 – ARM Sv 2) then she rolls 3d10 and needs a 2+ (PEN 4 – ARM Sv 2) on each die.


Shield Blocks are applied after you roll your dice.  Shield Blocks vs Shooting do not stack with Cover or Barriers.  Shields only work in your forward facing 180° field of view.   

  • Super Titans may pay the Power Cost to use a Shield when they are attacked.
  • A Shield gives +1 Block per Weapon and +1 Block vs PEN 0.
  • A Great Shield gives +2 Blocks per Weapon & +2 Block vs PEN 0.
  • A Melee Shield gives +1 Melee Block & Blocks 1 Overwatch Shot.
  • A Light Shield can block 1 Shot per Shooting Attack.


Momentum represents the collective morale, luck, training and expertise of your forces. 
It is a pool of points that can be used by any unit in your forces most commonly for Defense.  When used for Defense this represents you prioritizing survival but losing momentum in return.  You gain Momentum by routing the enemy and surviving each round. 

  • Your starting Momentum depends on the size of your game
    •   500pts – 3 Momentum  |  1000pts – 5 Momentum
    • 1500pts – 7 Momentum  |  >1500pts – 9 Momentum
    • Your Momentum pool may never exceed 10
  • Gaining Momentum [M+X] 
    • You gain +1 Momentum at the end of each battle Round.
    • You gain +1 Momentum when you attack in Melee on your turn.
    • You gain +1 Momentum if you destroyed any enemy units this turn.

Pilot Skills

Pilot Skills let your MS & Super Titan units perform incredible feats both on their turn and enemy turns.  Every player starts with the below Universal Skills.  Pilot Skills have a Momentum cost denoted by [M–#]

Unless otherwise noted Pilot Skills may be used at any time, Defense, Flawless Evasion & Improvise can be used after rolling your dice.  You may only use one Skill per unit turn. Be mindful that using a skill on your opponent’s turn means losing access to Skill Defense.

Universal Skill – Disengage [M-1]

  • Break away from all units in engagement range on your turn.
    • If you want to make any attacks afterwards you lose an additional [M–1].

Universal Skill – Defense [M-X]

  • Each point of Momentum negates 1 Hit from the enemy attack.
    • You may use this skill multiple times in one turn.
    • This represents either dodging, blocking or taking superficial damage.

Our MS is shot 4 times by a beam weapon. We roll 4 Evade dice with only 1 success.  We opt to lose 3 Momentum to dodge the other 3 shots.

In our imagination we see the enemy taking several shots at our Mech while it dodges and weaves narrowly escaping.  The enemy is applying considerable pressure and now it’s unclear how much longer we can last.

Our foe moves into Melee and has 5 Hits to our 3 Blocks.  We choose to lose 2 Momentum to block the remaining 2 Hits.  In our imagination we see our Mech pull out a beam saber at the last minute parrying the strike.

Exceptional Pilots

The below universal skills are reserved for Skilled (Tier 1) and Ace (Tier 2) pilots. 

Universal Skill – Make it Count! [M-1]

For your narrative you can describe this as a well-aimed or overcharged shot, a skillful slice or overzealous swing; a villainous gambit or a final strike made with all your conviction & courage.

  • Gain a bonus action this turn or +1 Critical Hit on your next attack.
    • Dogfight: The +1 Crit Hit option costs [M–0] versus Skilled & Ace Pilots.
  • This Skill is only usable by Skilled or Ace Pilots.

Lunar Ravager uses Make it Count for +1 Crit Hit on their particle cannon. They lose [M–1], if the target was also a Skilled/Ace Pilot it would be [M–0].

Universal Ace Skill – Flawless Evasion [M-X]

For your narrative you can describe this as your Ace effortlessly avoiding attacks or attacks just bouncing off your Unstoppable Kaiju, but as the rounds wear on it becomes harder to survive.

  • Negate all Hits from a shooting weapon. You may use this multiple times per turn.
  • This Skill is only usable by Ace Pilots.  Its [M] cost is equal to the current round.

Blue Djinn uses Flawless Evasion to negate all the attacks from Argonaut’s Machine Gun and Cannon.  Since it is Round 2 it costs 2 Momentum for the Machine Gun and 2 Momentum for the Cannon. 

Expanded Pilot Skills [Optional Module]

When playing with this module select two Skills from the below list to add to your force’s repertoire for MS & Super Titans.  These skills represents the training your forces have received.

If you are still learning the MechaStellar rules focus on the Universal Skills first to get a good feel for the ebb and flow of Momentum before using this module.

Accelerate [M-1]

  • On your turn gain a Full Throttle action.  This skill is [M–0] in Rounds 4+.

Bullseye [M-X]

  • Gain up to +3 Shooting Accuracy for every Momentum spent this turn.

Fire Vulcans! [M-1]

  • Make a free shooting attack even in Engagement range with the following profile
    • Range 8”  |  Shots [3 + Frame Level]  |  DMG 200.

Giant Slayer [M-1]  

  • Gain +1 ARM PEN. Gain a bonus +1 PEN in Melee if the target has a larger Size.

Improvise [M-1]  

  • You may reroll any Melee DEF or Evade dice this turn including any just rolled.

Mayhem! [M-1]  

  • Make an overwatch attack (i.e. Overwatch III) after attacking in Melee.
    • Firing pointblank into melee gives ARM PEN+1.

Persevere [M-1]

  • This turn take –100 DMG per Hit.  In Rounds 4+ it becomes –200DMG per Hit.
    • This skill cannot reduce an attacks damage value below 100 DMG.

Shooting Counterattack [M-2]

  • If your unit survives an enemy shooting attack, they may immediately Return Fire at the aggressor using a single shooting weapon within range.

Take the Shot! [M-2] Choose one of the below benefits this turn

  • Increase the Max Range of your Shooting Weapons by 16”.
    • You may make a Shooting attack at a target engaged in Melee with an ally.
    • Ignore Blocks from Shields & Cover when firing a weapon with ARM PEN 3+.
    • Ignore any Shooting or Rapid Fire penalties while the enemy is in Sensors Range.

Unbeaten [M-3]

  • This Skill costs one less for Indomitable units.

All-Out Attack [M-3]

  • Gain +3 Actions this turn, they may be used only for Shooting or to boost Power.
    • Titans may gain a bonus +5 Power but then must roll a d10 at the end of their turn.
      • On a 1–4 lose [M–3] or your unit shuts down until your next turn.
    • This Skill costs one less for Heavy Arms units.

Dangerbear goes for an Alpha strike and uses 2 actions to fire extra weapons and the 3rd for +3 Power.  She decides to risk the bonus +5 Power.  Alas, she rolls a [4] so her Mech shuts down until her next turn.

Tear through the Ranks [M–3]

  • If you destroy an enemy unit, move & attack with the same weapon vs a new target.
    • Melee destructions gives Move+5.
    • You only gain [M+1] on the 1st Melee ATK.
    • You may repeat this sequence for a 3rd target.
  • This Skill costs one less for Assault units.

Falconeye unleashes a swarm of micro–missiles destroying one unit then uses Tear through the Ranks to move and attack another unit with the same weapon.  If that unit is destroyed the attack a 3rd target.

Exceptional Pilot Traits

A Skilled Pilot (Tier 1) can have one Tier I Trait and an Ace Pilot (Tier 2) can have two Tier I Traits or one Tier II trait.  You can of course rename these traits to better fit your pilot. 

Tier I Pilot Traits

Renowned / Inspiring Pilot

  • [M+1] when this unit activates.

Seasoned Veteran / Practiced Professional

  • Gain +1 Hit (+2 Hits with PEN 0 Weapons) Vs Lower Tier Pilots, Kaiju & Captains.

Headhunter / Hunting for a Rival

  • Gain +1 Hit (+2 Hits with PEN 0 Weapons) Vs Tier 1–2 Pilots, Captains and Kaiju.

Defiant / Driven / Hot Blooded

  • Bonus [M+1] for Melee attack on your turn.  Return Fire gives +1 Hit.

Fighting Spirit / Burning Passion / Guts

  • When this unit activates if their HP<50% or [M=0] gain [M+1] OR a Focus Action.

Noble / Idealist / Unwavering Loyalty / Steel Resolve 

  • .  [M+3] when this unit is destroyed.

Immortal / Overconfident / Daredevil 

  • Starting in Round 2 gain [M+1] on this unit’s turn if their HP is 50% or greater.
  • Skill Defense Blocks 2 Shots per [M] versus enemies within 16”.

Untouchable / Cunning Pilot  

  • Once per game roll 1d10 and gain +X Blocks this turn equal to the result.
  • Skill Defense Blocks 2 Shots per [M] Vs Lower Tier Pilots, Captains and Kaiju.

Elusive / Cool Under Fire

  • Vs enemies outside 16”.

Gunnery Expert / Marksman

  • When you activate gain +1 Hit when Shooting OR +8” Max Shooting Range this turn

Close Combat Expert

  • In the Melee Clash you gain +1 Hit on Attack and +1 Hit on Block.

Mechanics Expert / Robotics Expert / Ship Hunter

  • When this unit activates choose a weapons bonus this turn: +1 PEN or +100 DMG.

Lone Wolf  

  • When this unit activates gain a Focus action & if all allies are 16+” away gain [M+1].


  • At the start of each Round give an ally within LOS or Sensors range a Focus action.

Tier II Pilot Traits


  • On your turn when Shooting gain +2 Hits or each Crit Hit give a bonus +1 Hit.
  • You may also target units that are engaged in Melee.

Furious Fusillade

  • On your turn gain +16″ Max Range when Shooting. 
  • Your first Shooting attack may select 2 targets with one weapon.

Merciless Melee

  • In the Melee Clash gain +2 Hits on Attack.
  • You can Melee Clash a second time on your turn but it must be versus a new target.

Close Combat Master

  • In the Melee Clash gain +1 Hit and +1 Block.  On Melee DEF 10s count as 2 Blocks.


  • This trait takes effect when HP<50% or an ally Skilled / Ace Pilot is destroyed.
  • In the Melee clash gain +2 Hits.  Skill Defense Blocks 2 Hits per [M] in Melee.

Killer Instinct

  • This trait takes effect when HP<50% or an ally Skilled / Ace Pilot is destroyed.
  • Gain +1 Hit on all attacks.  Skill Defense Blocks 2 Shots per [M].

Fearsome / Mastermind

  • When this unit activates choose a bonus for this turn: +1 PEN or +100 DMG.
  • Gain a bonus [M+1] each time you destroy an enemy.

Heroic Spirit / Unfaltering Courage

  • When this unit activates if their HP<50% or [M=0] gain [M+2] OR two Focus Actions

Prodigy / Genius Pilot

  • This unit may use two different Pilot Skills per turn.
  • On Rounds 1, 3 & 5 gain +1 Action.

Legendary Pilot / War Hero / Infamous Ace

  • Gain [M+2] when this unit activates.
  • On Rounds 1, 3 & 5 gain +1 Action.


Designer’s Note: Commander or Warlord traits are a fun addition to your games to make your lead unit stand out.  If you’re still getting used to the rules skip these for now.

Designate a unit as your Commander, who is in charge of this operation and critical to its success.  Choose a trait from the list below, ordinarily these traits do not benefit Warships.  If your Commander is destroyed you loses any benefits they were providing.

Commander Traits

  • Unyielding – Your Commander may reroll any failed Armor Saves.
    • Once per game your Commander survives the turn with 1 HP remaining.
  • Three Times as Fast! – Gain Move+5” and reroll up to 3 Evade dice per weapon.
    • Fleet Commanders cannot benefit from this trait.
  • Commando – Your opponent may only target your Commander if they are the closest model.  Count allied models when determining if the Commando is the closest model. 
    • This overrides any targeting rules such as Return Fire, or Skilled & Ace Pilots.
    • Fleet Commanders & Size 2+ units cannot benefit from this trait.
  • Vigilant Leader – Shooting accuracy for all your units improves by 1.
  • Bold Leader – Melee accuracy for all your units improves by 1 (i.e. 5+ to 4+)
  • Impressive Skill – Your Commander has +1 Action and +1 Hit for Shooting & Melee.
  • Galvanizing Display – Gain 1 Momentum on any turn your Commander is attacked
  • Rallying Leader – Gain [M+1] each time an allied unit is destroyed.  Gain [M+1] if it was Frame 3+ unit or had a Skilled or Ace Pilot. Fleet Commanders do not double this bonus but instead provide redundancy should your Commander be defeated. 
  • Resourceful – Your armies starting Momentum is increased by 1.  Your Commander gives you a bonus [M+2] at the end of each round.  Fleet Commanders do not double this bonus but instead provide redundancy should your Commander be defeated. 
  • Decimator – Your Commander may activate a 2nd time each round so long as your forces has <10 units and the enemy forces has 10 or more units.

Fleet Commander

If both players are running Stellar Warships they may agree to have one of their Warships become a Fleet Commander.  In doing so their Fleet Commander has the same trait as your Commander and applies that trait such as Vigilant Leader to your fleet of Warships. 


Capt. Henry Goker is the pilot of the Jet Black Lancer, an Assault Type that gives it a bonus action.  On his turn he closes the distance and enter melee this round.  He fires his Machine Gun in rapid fire range at Kara Cimarrone before beginning the Melee Clash. 

Henry and Kara are both Skilled Pilots, each started the skirmish with 3 Momentum.


  • Henry’s Machine Gun makes 6 shots at Shooting Accuracy 10.
  • Kara’s has Evade+3, she needs a 7+ to dodge Henry’s Shots.
  • Kara’s Great Shield Blocks 2 Shots or 4 vs ARM PEN 0 Weapons like a Machinegun  
  • Kara rolls 6d10 [1,1,3,4,5,7].  Two Crit Hits and three regular hits for a total of 7, her Great Shield blocks 4, the 3 Hits left deal 200 DMG each.  The 600 DMG brings her HP to 2400/3000.  Kara is saving her Momentum for Melee

Melee Clash

  • Now it’s time for Henry to shine, he uses his second action to Focus in Melee so he gains a Bonus Hit.  By attacking in Melee he nets +1 Momentum (M:4).  His MS has Melee 5d10, Kara also has 5d10.   They split up their dice pools as follows:
    • Henry’s Heat Lancer provided ATK+2d10 and Reroll 1s & 2s on Attack.
    • As the Attacker Henry gains Melee+2d10, he puts all 7d10 on ATK.
    • Henry: Attack 9d10  |  Defense 0d10
    • Kara: Attack 1d10  |  Defense 4d10
    • He rolls 9d10 [1,2,3,3,4,6,7,9,10] not bad, 3 Hits and a Crit Hit for 5 total.
    • He rerolls the 1 & 2 and gets a 3 & 8 giving another Hit, 6 total.
    • His Focus action gives a final +1 Hit for 7 total.
  • Kara is not excited about dealing with 7 Hits. 
    • Kara rolls 4d10 and luckily gets [5,7,10,10] = 4 Blocks
    • Her Great Shield  gives +2 Blocks for a total of 6 Blocks. 
    • She then spends 1 Momentum (M:2) on Skill Defense to bring it to 7 Blocks. 
    • Now she rolls her 1d10 on Attack [10] a Critical Hit which counts as 2 Hits.
    • Henry didn’t save any dice for Defense and has no Shield so he has to Spend 2 Momentum or avoid taking damage or rolling Armor Saves (M:2)
  • On Kara’s turn, she considers a Melee attack but is concerned Henry’s counterattack will drain her Momentum pool. Instead she uses [M-2] to disengage (M:0).
  • She is also an Assault type and uses a Full Throttle action to moves far away.  If she wins initiative next round, she can move further away keeping Henry at a distance.
    • As she retreats, she fires her Custom Beam Sniper for a total of 4 shots.  Kara’s accuracy is 10, Henry’s Evade is +4 so he needs 6s to dodge.
  • Henry rolls 4d10 to Evade and gets [2,3,8,9] so he Evades 2 and has to deal with 2 Hits.  Henry loses 2 Momentum (M:0) to avoid the rest of the shots. 
  • Henry and Kara finish with 0 Momentum.  They each gain 1 Momentum at the end of the round bringing their total to 1 each.
  • In the new round they roll off to see who goes first and continue their battle. 


Tactical Advantage

These conditions give you +1 Critical Hit on Attack.  They do not stack with each other.


  • Attacking behind your target’s 180° facing arc ignores Overwatch & Shields.
  • Remember to move past an enemy you must stay outside Engagement range.
  • You may only Blindside an enemy if you activated behind their 180° facing arc.

High Ground

  • Gain Tactical Advantage when the feet of your model are above the enemy’s head.
  • Enemies receive a Shooting Accuracy bonus against you equal to your Size (Max+3)

Example:  Blue Djinn activates. It is on a building and outside the firing arc of the Tankcrawler.  Both Blindside & High Ground apply but do not stack

High Speed Attack

  • Gain Tactical Advantage with [CC] weapons when you use Full Throttle
    • Close Combat [CC] (Fists / Kick / Smash / etc.) have no ARM PEN or abilities.
    • You must move at least 10” in order to activate High Speed Attack.

Example: Fire Cricket (Super Titan) uses full throttle to move 15” before rocketing into its target gaining High Speed Attack on its Fists.


  • Gain Tactical Advantage when you outnumber the enemy in Melee by at least 3:1.


  • Gain Tactical Advantage vs Shutdown units, their Evade bonus is set to +0.


  • If an enemy Pilot defeats one of your Skilled or Ace Pilots then one of your Skilled or Ace Pilot may seek revenge.  They always have a tactical advantage against the enemy pilot for the rest of the game.  You may only declare Revenge once per game.

Kamille swears revenge on Midnight Manta’s pilot: Yazan.  For the rest of the battle he gets +1 Critical Hit when attacking Yazan. 

Stun / Ion / Electrical / Freezing Damage

  • Stun/Arc/Freeze Weapons reduce Actions which lasts through the unit’s next turn.
    • Each Hit gives –1 Action. Leave a token next to the unit as a reminder.
  • At 0 Actions it skips its turn, below 0 the unit has shutdown until its next turn.

Blue Djinn hits White Asura twice with an Arc Whip for a total of 2 Stun DMG.  White Asura (Actions 1) has –1 Action this round so it skips its next turn and is shut down until the following turn when it reactivates.  During this time enemies have Tactical Advantage against it.

Area of Effect Weapons

  • AOE weapons can strike multiple targets in a row.
    • Draw a line with a length equal to weapon range & width equal to its AOE value.
    • Ex: A Death Ray is R:40” AOE 3”.  Anyone in that 40”x3” rectangle rolls Evade.
    • Even if you destroy multiple units your Momentum gain is capped at [M+1].
  • If an AOE weapons destroys cover the enemy behind it still gains a Cover bonus.
    • AOE Weapons stop at the 2nd piece of Cover.  Units behind that are safe.
    • Regardless of attack angle an AOE can destroy at most 2 pieces of Cover.

Remote Weapons

  • Remote weapons refers to weapons that can attack independently of the unit
    • For example, wire–guided or mentally controlled weapons (bits, funnels, etc.)
  • Instead of Actions you may fire a Remote Weapon using Momentum instead.
    • The brain–wave communication systems take a heavy burden on the pilot draining Momentum as they operate these weapons.
  • Using Momentum gains Blindside and they may Indirect Fire within range.
    • Often called an All–Range Attack these weapons fire quickly at unexpected angles over long distances catching the enemy off–guard. 
  • Ace Pilots may attempt to shoot down a Remote weapon when they Evade.
    • Every 10 on Evade shoots down a remote weapon lowering its attack by 1 to a minimum of 0 for the remainder of the battle.

Targets in Cover

Designer’s Note: Cover is intended to be a simple system both players can benefit from.  Always try to give your opponent the benefit of the doubt when deciding if they have cover or not.

Setting up Terrain Pre–Game

  • Before starting you and your opponent may designate areas that provide cover.
    • This string represents cloud cover which will be obscuring cover.
    • These dice represent a debris field, anyone inside or behind it gains cover.
    • These trees represent a tall jungle which is obscuring terrain for units behind it.
      • Since the jungle is tall you need to climb either of these mountains in order to establish LOS using the High Ground

Line of Sight (LOS)

  • You must have clear LOS to fire.  Position your eye behind your model.
    • You can shoot if you see at least 33% of the enemy model.
  • Obscuring Terrain features will block LOS for attacks going through it.
    • Battlefields with lots of mountains or forests can prevent your opponent from easily shooting you across the board with their long range artillery and rifles.
    • Use High Ground to bypass obscuring terrain (but it still requires 33% visible).
  • Indirect Fire can ignore LOS, consider putting artillery units behind cover that blocks LOS which both protects them while also allowing them to target others.

Criteria for Cover

  • Visible Units that are behind reasonable sized cover receive a Cover bonus.
    • i.e. A 1” tall building does not provide cover to a 6” tall model.
  • When determining LOS between your model and the target, obscuring cover blocks LOS while normal cover in the way of your shot provides a cover bonus. 
  • Miniatures are static on the table but not in our imagination.
    • It is assumed that our models are hugging cover and so receive a Cover Bonus if they are within engagement range of cover between them and their opponent.
      • Engagement Range is 3” for small models (2–5”) and 6” for larger models.

Benefits of Cover

  • Cover acts as a Shield and blocks 1 Shot per Weapon or 2 Blocks vs PEN 0 Weapons. 
  • Cover does not stack with Shields or Barriers.

Special Circumstances

Designer’s Note: Beam weapons and Energy weapons are interchangeable terms.

  • Energy Weapons may shoot a target within Sensors through small cover at –3 PEN
    • e.g. A beam cannon (ARM PEN 5) is fired through a building (ARM PEN )
  • Amphibious units in deep water are assumed underwater and receive a Cover bonus
  • Energy Shooting Weapons have ARM PEN 0 if the user or target is underwater
    • Any unit in a large wate area may go underwater but it costs Move–5” to surface.

Destroying Terrain [Optional Module]

Designer’s Note: Giant robots and monsters wreak havoc on battlefield terrain. If cover is used to block or if its targeted directly it is destroyed unless it passes an Armor Save.

When setting up terrain for your battlefield you will want to denote what is considered large and small cover, you may also designate massive structures as indestructible.  For simplicity’s sake you can also say “All the terrain is small cover except for these pieces.”

Small cover is most often represented by buildings and obstacles. Large cover can represent large/wide buildings or barricades.  It can also include swathes of wilderness such as a forest or jungle which are only damaged by Area of Effect weapon such as a Flamethrower or Death Ray.  Rock formations can be large or small cover and generally are indestructible.

When destructible terrain is targeted directly or used as Cover to Block it is destroyed unless it can pass a simplified Armor Save. Regardless of how many times a weapon strikes a terrain feature it makes only one Armor Save.  If an AOE Weapons destroys the first piece of terrain in its path it stops at the next piece which then makes an Armor Save.

  • When hit by a weapon Cover makes a Saving Throw, on a 5+ it survives
    • Large Cover has +2 Bonus to its Saving Throw (effectively a 3+)
  • If Cover is hit by a Melee or AOE weapon it instead survives on a 7+
  • If Cover is hit by a weapons with +X PEN versus Cover such as Antiship Missiles or +1 PEN on Critical Hits such as Giant Drills it instead survives on a 9+

Cover is hit by a micromissile barrage, it survives on a 5+
Large cover is hit by a machine gun burst, it survives on a 3+
Small cover is hit by a melee weapon, it survives on a 7+
Large cover is hit by an AOE attack, it survives on a 5+
Small cover is hit by an Antiship Missile, it survives on a 9+
Large cover is hit by a Giant Drill, it survives on a 7+

Crash Through

Very large Mecha & Monsters can use Full Throttle to move through terrain. Every building they move through makes an Armor Save as normal.

Battle Damage (Optional Module)

Designer’s Note: Battle Damage is a fun way to play when you and your opponent control very few mechs or if you are playing in an RPG style campaign.  It is highly recommended if you are playing a game with only Super Titans.  It is not recommended for games with large armies since it adds too many things to track.   

After failing an Armor Save, roll a d10 and add your Armor Save then consult the below table to determine the Battle Damage inflicted on your unit. 

  • 1     -> Critical.  Roll on the below table.
    • MS       1-9:  Attacker may choose Main Camera, Propulsion or Disable.
    • Super Titan 1–9: Explosion. Take another 1000 DMG OR Lose 5 Power
    • Either 10: Cockpit DMG, unit is instantly neutralized and crew feared dead.
  • 2     -> Head / Main Camera.  Accuracy–1 and enemies gain Blindside within 16”.
  • 3     -> Propulsion.  Evade -1, Move -4”. Disable movement traits (Flight, Transform)
  • 4–9 -> Disable.  A Shield, Shooting Weapon or Mech/Monster Trait is disabled.
    • If the target has a Shield, it is broken first.  Otherwise, Attacker’s choice.
  • -> No negative effect.

White Asura (ARM Sv+2) failed an Armor Save and rolled a 6 (4+2).  Blue Djinn would like to disable Asura’s beam rifle but the Shield is broken first.

DangerBear hits Joker (Titan ARM Sv+0) with 2 separate PEN 5 weapons, Joker makes Armor Saves failing both of them.  Her first roll is a 1, she then rolls a 4, Ammo Explosion.  Joker is Frame 3 and takes 1500 DMG.
Joker’s second roll was a 3, the locomotion has been damaged penalizing their Movement, Evade and movement traits.  Joker puts a bright red die next to her Mech to remind her next turn she’ll be moving a lot slower.

Gritty Battles (Optional Module)

Designer’s Note: Choose this module when playing with a dedicated small force or an Ace Match Rivalry.

  • Each side may have no more than 5 units, preferably Frame Level 1–3.
  • All units have double HP.  Keep a tally for MS Shields, they breaks on the 5th use.
  • If playing multiple games repair Battle Damage & Shields between games.


Designer’s Note: Use this mode when you want to have a small scale Super Robot Wars style game.  Your Titans will survive on pure spirit and send their foes flying while your MS will even more agile than before.

  • Each side may have no more than 5 units, ideally it will be a 2v2 or 3v3 battle.
  • Fearless: Gain [M+1] when you activate a Frame 3+ unit that is not behind Cover.
  • Replace Universal Ace Skill – Flawless Evasion with Expert Evasion.

Universal Ace Skill – Expert Evasion [M-1]
For this turn gain a +3 Evade Bonus. 
You may still use Skill Defense this Turn.


  • Shields: Keep a tally when a MS uses its Shields, they breaks on the 5th use.
  • Mobility:  MS reroll 1 Evade die if their Move stat > Enemy Shooting Accuracy.
    • [M-1] A MS Full Throttle gives an additional Move+5”.
  • Hit & Run: After making a Shooting attack a MS may move up to 5” backwards.
    • After defeating an enemy in Melee a MS may move forwards up to 5”.


  • Rally:  At the start of a Super Titan’s turn recover d10 x 100 HP.
    • A Super Titan unit may use a Focus action to Rally themselves or an ally.
  • Down but not out:  Leave defeated Super Titans where they fall on the battlefield.
    • Roll a d10 at the end of each round, on a 10+ they get back up with 100 HP. 
  • Knockback: When a Titan deals damage with a PEN<5 & DMG 500+ weapon the target is knocked back d10 inches in a sensible direction given the attackers facing.
    • High Speed Attack gives +5” while Slow and Laborious reduces it by 5”
    • If a unit is knocked into terrain or falls off high ground, they take 1000 DMG.
    • If a unit is knocked into another unit both targets take 1000 DMG.


  • Flagship:  Gain [M+1] at the end of a round if your highest Frame ships is alive.
  • Charged & Ready: Warships begin with three weapons already readied.

Climactic Events [Optional Module]

These are optional rules to let you and your opponent recreate memorable scenes.  Each player may select one Event, they are useable at any time but only once per game.

Narrow Escape

“Call off the search.  There’s no way anyone could have survived that impact.”

  • Your unit may cancel a Melee Clash or fully evade a Shooting weapon.
    • If a unit is equipped with a drill, you may remove that model, then at the end of the round set it up anywhere on the battlefield outside enemy Sensor range.

Last Shooting

With one final act amidst the stars your Mecha points its weapon upward and fires.

  • Immediately after being destroyed your unit makes a single shooting attack.
    • Target must be within range and cannot be engaged in melee with you or others.

Pyrrhic Victory

Your Mecha intentionally takes a severe hit in order to grasp victory in Melee.

  • For every 2 Hits you took in Melee gain +1 Hit on Counterattack.

Moment of Clarity

“So that’s how it is.  I’ve finally seen through the fatal flaw in your technique.”

  • Your Commander gains 1 Focus action for every 2 Rounds that have elapsed.


“Mission Accepted.”

  • Destroy one of your unit at the end of its turn dealing (2x Frame) HITs to each unit within 8”.  The damage per Hit is 500 for MS and 1000 for Super Titans.
    • Unit may spend Momentum as normal to Block. 

It’s Gone Berserk!!!

“Unit 01 has reactivated.” | “That’s impossible! It should be completely non-operational.”  

  • Your unit permanent gains +2 Hits in Melee but loses all Shooting weapons.
    • This does not stack with any similar Traits that give bonus Hits.

The Will to Power!

“Have you forgotten?  Victory goes…to those with courage!!!”

  • Usable in Round 4+.  Your Commander may transform 3 Hits into Critical Hits.

Bonds that Transcend Time & Space

You hear the brave words of someone very important to you telling you keep fighting.

  • Usable starting in Round 5 when it’s your turn to activate a new unit.
    • A defeated unit returns to battle with 100 HP and immediately takes its turn.

Influence [Optional Module]

Influence represents the strategic vision, tactical acumen and spatial awareness of your Commander and/or combat information center to bolster your forces.  It is a counterpart to the Momentum pool, it is used to issue Commands to your forces.

  • Your starting Influence depends on the size of your game
    •  1000pts – 1 Influence  |  2000pts – 2 Influence  | >2000pts – 3 Influence
    • Your Influence pool may never exceed 10
  • Gaining Influence [I+X] 
    • You gain +1 Influence at the end of each battle Round.
    • You gain +1 Influence if you defeat an enemy Commander.

Standard Commands can be used at the start of the Round and affect all your forces.  Reaction commands can be instead be used at any time but affect only one or a select few units. You may only use one standard Command per Round, Reaction Commands do not count against this limit.  Every player starts with these Universal Commands.

Universal Commands

  • Inspiring Speech (I–1)  We can’t give up here, not now, not ever!
    • Once per battle your forces gains +3 Momentum. 
    • Usable by your Commander in Round 4+.
  • [Reaction] Warning (I–1)  Your support operator alerts you to a threat just in time.
    • Choose a unit, they are immune to Tactical Advantage this turn. 
    • You may also adjust that unit’s facing up to 90°
  • [Reaction] Guardian (I–1)  As the smoke clears, a voice calls out: “You’re not alone in this fight!”
    • After one of your units has failed to Evade or Block any Hits choose another one of your units within 5” (10” if they have 20+ Movement) to intercept those Hits.
    • The Guardian unit takes all remaining Hits in lieu of the original target.
  • Ambush! (I–1)   Our Recon Team has breached the perimeter undetected.
    • Up to 3 Frame 1–2 units may [Ambush] at the end of a round.  Deploy anywhere outside LOS or enemy Sensor’s range. Amphibious units must deploy in water. 
    • For each Ambusher you may also return a unit to Reserves as long as they have Stealth, Jamming, or they are Amphibious units and are currently in the water.

Strategic Commands [Optional Module]

Designer’s Note: This a module to adds more Commands for experienced players.

You may select up to two Strategic Commands to use with your forces this battle. 

Strategic Commands

  • ·        [Reaction] Coordinated Attack! Here we go!  We’ll do the Jet Stream Attack one more time!
    • At the end of your turn immediately activate one or two more units.
    • These unit can make Shooting or Melee attacks but may not do both.
    • The Influence cost is 1 for each Frame 1–2 Unit, and 2 for any others.
  • [Reaction] Infantry Ambush / Explosive Trap (I–1)
    • Once per battle choose up to 5 enemy units, they each take 200 DMG.
  • Missile Screen! (I–1)
    • This round Missiles / Rockets gain Overwatch V. 
    • Using them for Overwatch consumes the armament.
  • Opening Bombardment (I–1)
  • [Reaction] Overwatch (I–1)
    • One of your units makes an Overwatch Attack against an enemy within range.
    • e.g. Green Viking uses its Machine Gun (Overwatch III) and makes 3 attacks.
  • Advancing Bulwark (I–2)
    • This round gain Move+5” and your Shields gain a bonus +1 Block vs PEN 0. 
  • Lightning Raid (I–2)
    • This round your units gain Move+5” and +1 Evade Vs attacks inside 16”.
  • Overwhelming Firepower (I–3)
    • This round your army gains +1 Shooting Accuracy and +1 ARM PEN.
  • The Valiant (I–3)
    • This round during any Melee your forces gain Melee ATK+2d10 if their HP<50% or if their opponent has a Melee stat greater than their own.
  • Reinforcements (I–X)
    • You may redeploy your destroyed Frame 1 or 2 units on your table edge.
    • The total cost of units redeployed cannot exceed 100x Influence spent.
    • You may not redeploy units with Skilled or Ace Pilots.

Stellar Warfare

Designer’s Note: Our goal was to capture the feeling of flying through space with a few added rules.


Hangar   Move the MS to the port side, Strider Havoc is going to take up the entire starboard side.

  • On a space battlefield you must bring Stellar Warships to carry your units.
  • The Hangar stat shows how many units a ship can bring to a space battlefield.
  • Larger units take up Hangar slots equal 2xSize (i.e. Colossal Size 3 = 6 Slots).
  • Units with the [G] tag cannot sortie in space, the [S] tag cannot sortie on the ground.

Deployment   Have the Nemo Team cover our rear flank; the Iron Duke can handle the front.

  • The battlefield for Stellar Warships should be 60” – 96” (6–8ft) long.
  • Warships do not benefit from Cover but can benefit from LOS blocking terrain.
  • Warships must deploy on the table edge.  They cannot use the [Ambush] Command.
  • MS & Titans may stay embarked or they may deploy 6” from the Warship’s hull.

Spread M-Particles   Captain, M-Particles have reached combat density!

  • Prior to the start of battle either player can have their warships spread M–Particles. 
  • If so, attacking a target outside of Sensors Range+10” has the following effects:
    • Target is immune to Critical Hits, Battle DMG & may reroll any Evade dice.

The Musarl fires its Mega Particle Cannons at the distant Saronic Cruiser, it rolls [2,4] & rerolls that to [1,9].  This far away the 1 is a Hit not a Crit. It fails the Armor Save and loses 1000 HP but does not suffer Battle Damage.

Stellar Mobility of MS & Super Titans


  • Skilled and Ace Pilots gain Movement+5”.
  • Moving in an opposing direction of your first movement costs [M–1] due to inertia.
    • An opposite direction doesn’t have to be 180° but any opposing direction.
    • This penalty includes strafing out of cover then reversing back into cover.
    • Skilled and Ace Pilots ignore this requirement.

Argonaut (Move 13” | Basic Pilot) wants to do a hit and run attack.
They move forward 5” and Fire, then lose [M–1] to move backwards 8”.

Low Gravity Battle [Optional Module]

Designer’s Note: Setup a ground battle with a few Stellar rules to create a lunar battle.

  • Skilled and Ace Pilots gain Movement+5”.
  • Warships are immune to High Ground and it costs Move–5” to Melee attack one.
  • Units may ascend elevation without Full Throttle.  Falling & Throws deal no DMG.
  • Roll a d10 if a unit on the high ground takes damage, they fall off on a roll of 1–4.

Tactical Advantage in Stellar Battlefields

  • You cannot gain the High Ground advantage in open space.
  • Regardless of facing you may only Blindside if you can Outmaneuver your enemy.
    • Against a Warship this instead becomes an attack run on the bridge.

Outmaneuver / Bridge Attack

  • Prior to an Attack choose a target within 10” then spend Move–10” to begin.
  • Each side rolls a pool of dice (5d10 ± modifiers) to see who gains an advantage.
    • The Battler, Interceptor and Melee roles gain +1d10.
    • If your Movement is 5” greater than your opponent gain +1d10.
      • If your movement is 10” greater instead gain +2d10.
    • If the Defender has at least one allied warship within 16” gain +1d10.
    • If the Attacker is making a Melee attack versus a Warship they lose –2d10.
  • Every 5+ rolled is a success and every 10++ is worth double.
    • For Skilled Captains and Skilled Pilots it will be 4+ and 9++
    • For Battle Hardened Captains and Ace Pilots it will be 3+ and 8++
    • Skills and Traits that reroll Evade dice also apply to these rolls.
  • In the event of a tie, the sequence ends.

Outmaneuver Outcome

  • A victorious Attacker gains Tactical Advantage versus the target this turn.
    • If they beat their opponent by 3 or more they instead gain Blindside.
  • A victorious Defender makes an Overwatch attack with +3 Shots.
    • If they do not have an Overwatch weapon make 3 Shots.

Bridge Attack Outcome

  • A victorious Attacker gains Blindside and ARM PEN+3
    • If the ship survives it has ACC–2 and all attacks within 16” Blindside it.
  • A victorious Defender deals 500 DMG for every d10 in the Ship’s AA DEF stat.

Green Viking attempts a Bridge Attack on the Saronic Cruiser.  They move within 6” last turn and this turn spend 10” to start their attack run.

Green Viking is a Battler and rolls 6d10, the Saronic Cruiser has another Cruiser nearby and rolls 6d10 as well.  Their final rolls are:
Green Viking [3,4,6,8,9,10] = 5 Successes
Saronic Cruiser [1,2,4,7,7,10] = 4 Successes

Green Viking is victorious, their Machine Gun becomes PEN 3, the Saronic Cruiser is hit by 9 of the 10 Rapid Fire shots.  They now have to make 9 Armor Saves vs PEN 3, unfortunately failing 3 of them.

The player’s describe this as Green Viking’s blowing up several cannons and turrets on its way towards the bridge before striking the critical blow.

Stellar Warships

Designer’s Note: Warships have a separate list of actions and skills they may use.  Unless stated otherwise, warships follow the standard combat rules such as movement, LOS, targeting, return fire, etc.

Stellar Warship Combat


  • Warships take their turn in a separate phase at the end of the round after all Titans and MS have taken their turns. The player who won initiative goes first this phase.


  • Ships cannot make Melee Attacks but may use their AA DEF stat for Melee Defense.
  • Melee is lethal but Ships ignore Engagement range and Disengage freely [M–0].


  • Ships may only move forward, never backwards, they may not turn more than 45°.
  • Ships can move diagonal (but no more than 45°) while keeping their current facing.
  • If a ship crashes into / through terrain features they make 2 Armor Saves vs PEN 5.

[Action] All Ahead Full! proceed at maximum combat speed!

  • Gain+3” Movement.  A unit may benefit from this only once per unit turn. 

[Action] Ready Weapons Bring us around and begin charging our particle cannons.

  • Choose a weapon, it is ready to use. Missiles & Anti-Air [AA] weapons begin readied. 
    • Some weapons reload / recharge in the round(s) after firing but stay readied.
    • i.e. A Missile Barrage cannot be used the round after they were fired off.
    • Weapons stay readied unless hit by a Stun weapon (i.e. Ion/Arc).

[Action] Target Lock Gunnery section establish a lock on the enemy fighters.

  • A Target Lock lasts until the end of the round and gives your weapons Range+16”.
  • A Target Lock action is required to target a non–ship unit outside of Sensors range.
    • When determining the nearest model, warships may ignore non–ship units.

[Action] All Weapons Fire! Main guns and missile tubes 1-4 begin firing!

  • Once per turn declare all your targets then fire any number of readied weapons.
    • You may only use [AA] weapons against targets that are within 8” of an ally.
  • [AA] Weapons have a 360 Firing Arc. All others are front arc unless noted otherwise.
  • Since Warships come in unusual shapes measure from the center most gun–turret. 

The Saronic Cruiser has two actions which it uses to ready 2 MPC.
Next round it uses one action to establish a target lock on a MS and uses the 2nd action to fire its readied  cannons, one at a ship and one at the MS. 

Several rounds later it has taken significant damage.  It uses one action to fire its readied weapons and the second action to Full Throttle and retreat.

[Action] Reload! Gunnery section i need missile tubes 1-4 reloaded on the double!

  • Choose a weapon currently reloading, it is now ready to fire this turn.

[Free Action] Launch Catapult is ready you are cleared to launch Ensign.

  • At the start of each round each ship may use this action.
  • Choose an onboard unit, it is deployed 16” from the ship’s hull.
  • Ships without a forward catapult instead deploy the unit adjacent to the ship.

Repairs Deck crew get that ms functional in 10 minutes!

  • Units may board a Warship at the end of their turn if they are within 6”.
  • At the end of each round repair up to three units onboard the warship.
    • Repair HP equal to 200 x the Ships Frame Level and one Battle Damage.

Warship Armor Saves

Warships rolls one Armor Save for every hit with no maximum limit per weapon system.  The attacker destroys a weapon system for each failed Armor Save.  

The Musarl Cruiser is hit by a Beam Rifle three times (PEN 6). It rolls three Armor Saves, every 1–5 is a failed Armor Save dealing 1000 DMG.    It fails two Armor Saves and loses two Twin Linked Mega Particle Cannons.

Sunken Ships

  • When a ship is destroyed leave the model on the battlefield.  Smaller units such as MS & Super Titans may use the ship as LOS blocking cover when maneuvering.

Exceptional Captains

Skilled Captains are Tier 1 and Battle Hardened Captains are Tier 2.  Instead of Skills they gain Captain’s Orders which are issued at the beginning of each Round starting with the player going first.  Each Captain may issue one Order per Round, they last for 1 Round.

All Units High-Alert, Take Evasive Action!

  • This Round your units may reroll 1 Evade die per Weapon.
  • Any of your MS or Titan units outside of Melee may immediately fall back 5”.
  • Battle Hardened Captain – Your Warships may immediately rotate up to 45°.

Main Battery and Support Element, Wipe out the Enemy in the L Quadrant!

  • This Round your units gain +1 Shooting Accuracy Vs enemies in a chosen quadrant.
  • Battle Hardened Captain – Target Lock instead gives Range+32”.

Prepare for Close Range Combat, We’re Taking the Fight to Them!

  • This round your units gain +5” Move and +1 Melee Block.
  • Battle Hardened Captain – [AA] Weapons & AA DEF (Melee) gains +1 Accuracy.

Captain Traits

A Skilled Captain (Tier 1) can have one Tier I Trait and a Battle Hardened Captain (Tier 2) can have two Tier I Traits or one Tier II trait.  You can rename these as usual.

Tier I Captain Traits

Renowned / Inspiring / Devoted Captain

  • Gain +1 Momentum or +1 Influence when this unit activates.

Discerning / Crafty / Scheming Captain

  • At the start of each Round give an ally within LOS or Sensors range a Focus action.

Daring / Brash Captain

  • You may reroll any Evade dice vs enemy Warships while within their Sensors range. 

Determined Captain / Steadfast Crew

  • When this unit activates if HP<50% or [M=0] gain [M+1] OR +1 Accuracy.

Expert Gunnery Crew

  • On your turn gain +1 Accuracy OR +8” Max Range when Shooting.

Expert Engineering Division

  • When this unit activates choose a weapon bonus for the turn: +1 PEN or +100 DMG.

Tier II Captain Traits

Legendary Captain / War Hero

  • Gain +2 Momentum or +2 Influence when this unit activates.
  • On Rounds 1, 3 & 5 gain +1 Action.

Fearless / Stoic Captain

  • If a charged weapon is disabled you may immediately ready another weapon.
  • When this unit activates if HP<50% or [M=0] gain [M+1] OR +1 Accuracy.

Sharp Witted / Wiley Captain

  • This unit may instead act in the Mech phase.
  • Once per Round you may remove your current Captain’s Order and issue a new one.

Fearsome / Dreaded Captain

  • Weapons gain +1 ARM PEN OR +100 DMG.
  • Gain a bonus +1 Momentum each time you destroy an enemy.