MechaStellar – Planned Updates

Near Future

  • Additional Unit Profiles for Mobile Fighter G Gundam (Planned April 30, 2023)
  • Unit Profiles for King of the Braves GaoGaiGar (Planned May & June 2023)
  • Sandbox Campaign and additional units for Gundam Wing (Planned May 2023)
  • Additional Profiles for Stellar Warships for Gundam Universal Century including Magellan, Chivvay, White Base, Zanzibar, etc.
  • Additional Unit Profiles for Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Century – 0079 (Zeong, Zaku I, RB-79 Ball, etc.)
  • Unit Profiles for Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Great Mazinger & Getter Robo G (Planned Fall 2023)

Roster Additions and Unit Tiers

Before we add a new Mecha series or unit to the roster it goes through playtesting in order to keep new units balanced with existing units. Typically a new series will spend at least 3 months in playtesting with some being longer, the entire G Gundam roster was in playtesting for 8 months, while Shining Gundam was in in playtesting for 20+ months.

The more feedback we get from players the faster we can get units released.

Since the game currently has a few hundred units to balance it is prone to design oversights. Occasionally a unit, trait, rule or some combination ends up overpowered. Once a player points this out it is usually rectified in roster update at the end of each month.

Lastly, units are broadly broken into three Tiers based on their Performance.

  • Tier 1 = Performance 0-4
  • Tier 2 = Performance 5-7
  • Tier 3 = Performance 8-10

For Mobile Suit Gundam this corresponds to the One Year War Era (Tier 1), Zeta Gundam Era (Tier 2), and Char’s Counterattack Era and beyond (Tier 3) with shows like 0083 straddling two different eras. One of MechaStellars primary goals is to allow for Cross-Era play, so Tier 1 units are a threat to Tier 2 units, and Tier 2 units are a threat to Tier 3 units.

However, Tier 1 Units are rarely a threat to Tier 3 units, so a stock Zaku II will rarely ever be able to menace Nu Gundam, which doesn’t make for a fun matchup. As such our current plans are to focus on Tier 1 and Tier 2 units. We will add Tier 3 units once we have a good roster of Tier 2 units built up. Our next major Tier 2 roster build up will be the classic trinity of Zeta Gundam, Great Mazinger and Getter Robo G which will be Fall 2023.

We are looking for experienced players to playtest Tier 2 Units such as Zeta, Great Mazinger & Getter Dragon and Tier 3 units such as Nu & Sazabi, Burning & Master Gundam, the Endless Waltz Gundams, Mazinkaiser, Shin Getter Robo, Genesic GaoGaiGar please use the Google form to report on your most recent battle and include your email address at the end of the survey. You can find it here:

Long Term Updates

  • Narrative Campaign – Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Beyond the Blaze (RX78-4 & RX78-5)
  • Narrative Campaign – Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Blue Destiny
  • Narrative Campaign – Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden
  • Narrative Campaign – Super Robot Wars W
  • Gundam: Federation & Zeon Sandbox Mission Pack 11-15
  • Unit Profiles for Tetsujin-28 and Giant Robo OVAs
  • Unit Profiles for After War Gundam X
  • Unit Profiles for Aura Battler Dunbine
  • Unit Profiles for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • Unit Profiles for Beast King GoLion (Volron)
  • Unit Profiles for Combattler V & Voltes V
  • Unit Profiles for Yuusha Raideen
  • Unit Profiles for Daitarn 3
  • Unit Profiles for the Braves / Yuusha Series (Da Garn, Might Gaine, Goldran, etc.)
  • Unit Profiles for Captain Harlock (Arcadia of my Youth)
  • Unit Profiles for Galactic Cyclone Bryger / Braiger
  • Unit Profiles for Hyper Combat Unit Dangaioh
  • Unit Profiles for Space Runaway Ideon
  • Unit Profiles for SSSS.GRIDMAN
  • MechaStellar RPG Mode

Completed Updates

  • MechaStellar VER 1 [2016] VER 2 [2017] Ver 3 [2019] VER 4 & 5 [2020] VER 6 [2021]
  • MechaStellar VER 7 Released [July 2021]
  • Gundam: Federation & Zeon Sandbox Mission Pack 1-5 [July 2021]
  • Gundam: Federation & Zeon Sandbox Mission Pack 6-10 [Nov. 2021]
  • Gundam 0080: Narrative Campaign [Dec. 2021]
  • Added Turn-by-turn Example of Gameplay [Oct. 2021]
  • Add new Gametype: Rampage | Defend the City [Oct. 2021]
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV) Unit Profile Sheets [Oct. 2021]
  • Pacific Rim Unit Profile Sheets [Oct. 2021]
  • Pacific Rim Narrative Campaign [Oct. 2021]
  • Getter Robo (1974) Unit Profile Sheets [Dec. 2021]
  • MechaStellar VER 8 Released [Feb. 2022]
  • Getter Robo Narrative Campaign [Feb. 2022]
  • Unit Profiles for Big O [Feb. 2022]
  • Mobile Suit Gundam – MS Senki (0081) [Feb. 2022]
  • Units Profiles for Gundam Wing [March 2022]
  • Unit Profiles for Escaflowne [Mach. 2022]
  • Narrative Campaign for Gundam Wing Missions 1-3 [April 2022]
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory [May 2022]
  • Mobile Armor Profiles for Gundam 0083 [July 2022]
  • Stellar Warfare rules and Profiles for Salamis and Musai [August 2022]
  • Unit Profiles for Mazinger Z [Sept 2022]
  • VER 8 Gameplay Example [October 2022]
  • Additional units and missions for the Getter Robo Narrative Campaign [November 2022]
  • Supreme Robot Warfare optional module for small scale high power SRW games [December 2022]
  • Major Core Rules revision and Balance Patch [Jannuary 2023]
  • Core Rules Update to trim down the mental math burden [February 2023]
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam [February 2023]


Your Feedback helps us with the monthly balance and roster updates.

We have a google form link for the MechaStellar After Action Report which is a short feedback form that takes 2-10 minutes to complete and lets you quickly provide feedback based on your latest game.

It does not require an email address to fill out, however, if you want to be part of a mailing list you can add your email at the end of the form. You can find it here:

If you’d like to share any feedback on the rules / unit roster, request a Mecha series or volunteer to playtest new units or campaigns you can send us an email here or leave a comment on any posts you find on the design blog. If you prefer forums we have an active thread on dakkadakka as well as mechatalk. We also have social media with Facebook, Twitter, a subreddit r/mechastellar, unfortunately our instagram page is currently down.