MSR Drafts

This page has draft profiles for various Mobile Suits and Real Robot types of units.

Code Geass – Knightmare Frames

These are playtest drafts for small size units. A Knightmare frame is 25% of the height of a Mobile Suit. As such it has higher Evade but lower HP and Damage. Here are some example armies


  • Black Knights – Zero’s Burai and 9x Burai
  • Brittania – Dartlon’s Glaucester and 6x Sutherland


  • Black Knights – Zero’s Burai, 9x Burai and Guren Nishiki
  • Black Knights – Tohdoh’s Burai Kai, 4x Burai Kai, 6x Burai
    • Dynamic Entrance (+10pts) and Ambusher (+10pts) added to Tohdoh
  • Brittania – Dartlon’s Glaucester, 6x Sutherland and Lancelot
  • Brittania – Cornelia and Guilfords Gloucester, Glaston Knights Gloucester x2, Sutherland x2

Here are two 1000pts armies for the Federation & Zeon you can run playtests against

  • Zonderized Federation (1000pts)
    • 10x GMs (40pts each)
    • 2x Guncannon Mass Produced (50pts each)
    • 2x Full Armor Gundam (250pts each)
  • Zonderized Zeon (1000pt
    • 10x Zaku II (30pts each)
    • 5x Dom (100pts each)
    • 2x Gouf (100pts)


Setting up the Game

  • Gather 5 objects to be Control Points. These can be specific terrain, disabled mecha, bottle caps, loose change, 3D printed objects, or whatever you have handy.
  • The first Control Point is placed dead center of the board.  The remaining four Control Points are placed in the center of each quadrant of your game board.

Capturing the Point

  • The first unit who gets within 3” of the point captures it.
    • Remove it from the field and that player gains +1 Momentum.


  • Setup a tabletop battlefield approximately 36″ by 36″.
  • Each player chooses one edge of the battlefield to deploy.
  • Your units may deploy a distance away from the table edge equal to their Sensors range.

Scoring Primary Objectives

  • After 5 rounds the battle is concluded
  • When you destroy a unit gain VP equal to its Frame Level (1–5)
    • Enemy units with <50% HP are worth ½ their Frame Level (round up) in VP.
  • When you destroy a unit gain VP equal to the Pilot Tier (0–2)
  • Gain +3 VP if you destroy the enemy Commander

Losing Victory Points

  • Unacceptable Casualties:  Lose 2 VP for every Ace Pilot (Tier 2) lost in battle
  • Lost a Prototype:  Lose 2 VP for every Frame Level 4+ Unit lost in battle

After Action Report

Feedback is very helpful when it comes to balancing the game and developing new mecha profiles. Here is a google forms link to provide feedback on any games of MechaStellar you have played. Feel free to elaborate on any questions at the end of the feedback form.

We do not collect email addresses to fill out the form. If you do want to add your email address there is a spot on the final question so you can be added to the mailing list for any future playtests of draft units and scenarios.