Demo Games

Below are the Quick Star Rules, Mecha Unit Profile sheets for use in the below scenarios. Last updated October 31, 2022 to include the obscuring cover update.

Quick Start Rules

Asymmetric Warfare Scenarios

08th MS Team – Federation (400pts)

  • GM Ground Type x6
  • GM Sniper [G] x2
  • Guntank Mass Production Type x4

08th MS Team – Zeon (400pts)

  • Ace Dom High-Speed Test Type
  • Ace Zaku II Commander with Bazooka
  • Zaku II with Magella Cannon

08th MS Team – Federation (500pts)

  • Ez8 Gundam (Shiro)
  • Gundam Ground Type (Sanders)
  • Gundam Ground Type (Karen)

08th MS Team – Zeon (500pts)

  • Gouf Custom (Norris Packard)
  • Dom with Skilled Pilot
  • Zaku II with Machine Gun x5

Mobile Suit Gundam – Federation (900pts)

  • Gundam (Amuro)
  • Guncannon (Kai Shiden)
  • Guncannon (Hayato Kobayashi)

Mobile Suit Gundam – Zeon (900pts)

  • Gelgoog x2
  • Rick Dom x3
  • Zaku x10

Elite Warfare Scenarios

The Hunter in Black Clothes – Federation (310pts)

  • GM Kai with Skilled Pilot x1
  • GM x6

The Hunter in Black Clothes – Zeon (310pts)

  • Ace Zudah with Antiship Rifle
  • Zaku II with Machine Gun x5

MSV – Federation (500pts)

  • Ace GM Light Armor
  • Guncannon Mass Production Type x2
  • Armored GM x2

MSV – Zeon (500pts)

  • Ace Gouf
  • Recon Zaku with Skilled Pilot
  • Dom with Skilled Pilot
  • Zaku II with Magella Cannon x2

0083 Stardust Memory – Federation (750pts)

  • GP01 Zephyranthes
  • GM Custom
  • GM Cannon II

0083 Stardust Memory – Zeon (750pts)

  • Elite Zaku II F2 with Missile Pods x2
  • Elite Dom Tropen x2
  • Zaku Cannon x1

After Action Reports

For each scenario please fill out an after action report and send us an email to mechastellar at gmail dot com. Alternatively you can post it as a discussion on our subreddit

For quick reference here are the questions in the document.

After Action Report – Mission 1

  1. What Commander traits & Army Pilot Skills did you select for this battle?
  2. How many Victory Points did you score for your Primary Objectives?  Do you feel Primary Objectives should be worth more VP or keep as is?
  3. What secondaries did you select for each battle and how many VP did you score each?
    • Destruction:Survival:
    • Control the Battlespace:
  4. Of the secondaries you selected did any of them feel too easy to achieve?
  5. Of the secondaries you selected did any of them feel too difficult to achieve?
  6. How would you have adjusted your playstyle in order to earn more VP?
  7. Which unit was your MVP?
  8. Which unit was lost before they had a chance at glory?
  9. If you’d like to provide any detailed information or a battle report feel free to share either on this form or with a new post on