MechaStellar Suit Types


After toying around with the Mechastellar ruleset for a while I went from a very basic system to a slightly more nuanced one.  To start we had d20 ATK Vs Defense and all actions occurring at the same time with casualties being distributed by the defender, very similar to Twilight Imperium if you’ve ever had the pleasure of playing that 8 hour long, but very fun board game.

A problem remained on how to differentiate your Mechs or Mobile Suits.  Certainly there was level to start, but what differentiated a Level 3 suit from another level 3 suit.  This is where I applied a rough categorization.  A level 3 Mech has the following stats:

HP 600

Action Points 3

ATK +3  DEF 13

Equipment 6

Pretty simple no?  Now to start diversifying I allowed Mechs to be one of three Frame types.  Indomitable – +300 HP, Assault – +2 Action Points, Heavy Arms – +3 Equipment slots.

With that selection alone suits started to branch apart quite drastically, as a player it allows you to very easily make your Mech different from the guy on your left or right.  But now to add another layer, without making Mech creation too nitty gritty.  Each Mech can select a combat role.

Gunner – Bonus to Ranged attack.

Battler – Bonus to Melee attack.

Hi-Mobility – Bonus to Defense and Movement.

Versatile – Smaller bonuses across the board.

Now if you and another player both have an Assault Mech, you now have quite different playstyles if you select Gunner and he selects Hi-Mobility.  From there select equipment and weapons to finalize your Mech and distinguish yourself from our peers.

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