MechaStellar – April 2023 Roster Update

For this month’s update we are up finishing up the majority of the G Gundam cast with fighters from the tournament finals including Zeus, Viking, Cobra, Mandala, Matador, Zebra, Jester, Mermaid, Nether, Skull, Asura and Nobel Gundam. Based on a player request we also added in the Zeong and Elmeth this month.

VER 9 is around the corner. This update is focused on Super Robots and Kaiju, who will no longer be using the Power stat as a budget for their weapons, instead they will function just like a Mobile Suit. You view the draft core rules for VER 9 and the unit profiles for Super Robots and Kaiju here:

If you play any games with the VER 9 Draft Profiles please be sure to fill out the After Action Battle Report now on Google Forms. We use this data when it comes to balancing units, adjusting rules, and it’s helpful to know what your favorite units are. Here’s the link:

Last but not least we were lucky enough to be featured on Wargamer this month. You can find the article here:

Roster Update Summary

-Mobile Fighter G Gundam – Added 17 Units

-Mobile Suit Gundam – Zeon – Added 2 Units

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