MechaStellar: Performance Stats In-Depth

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Performance Stats are quite a bit faster to cover than Frame level stats as they are all combat driven.  So we have Ranged Attack, Melee Attack, Evade and Movement.

Movement describes how far you can move in a round.  Movement 7 means you can move 7″.  If you ever need to back up, pop out of a building then pop back into cover, or make a sharp turn exceeding 90 degrees you pay a 2″ penalty once (and only once) for the turn.  After paying the penalty you are free to execute as many maneuvers as you want.  The reason for only paying it once is for speed of play and to avoid being overly punishing for certain slow units such as our favorite Guncannon.

Evade is the number your opponent needs to meet or exceed in order to hit you.  If your Evasion is 16 then need to meet or exceed that in order to hit you at range.

Range attack is the modifier added to your d20 roll to hit.  So if you are RATK +5, your shooting attack is d20+5.  If your targets Evasion is 15, that means you need to roll a 10 or better to hit the target.

Lastly we have melee attack.  Instead of rolling to beat evasion you are instead rolling to beat the opponents melee attack.  Both combatants roll d20 + melee attack, the attacker is favored with a free Reroll.  Whoever rolls the highest wins the melee and gets to deal damage.  We’ll cover melee a bit more in the next post.

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