MechaStellar: Design Update


NemoBased on some feedback from playtesting we’ve been testing out a few potential overhauls to the base system.  One of them that has been working very well has been to adjust Action Points for units.  This has worked well enough so far we are confident bringing it back into the core ruleset.  Here’s how it works.


Gunner type units have +2 AP.  Useful for Snipers to fire powerful weapons despite being a low frame level, also useful for artillery units to continue shelling with IDF.


Gunner type units have +4 AP.

Versatile type units have +2 AP.

This provides additional action points for most units in the game.  While it seems like a minor change it has quite a bit of impact system wide,.  For example, your Zaku II can make 4 shots with a Machine gun instead of 2.  Feedback from playtesters was very positive on this front since it allows them to field less units while maintaining threatening firepower.

The bonus AP came as we were testing a prototype change to ATK and EVADE rules.  It was discovered that grunt units like the GM, Nemo, and Barzam weren’t able to put out enough shots to threaten a high performing machine like the Hambrabi or Hyaku Shiki.  Giving all these Versatile suits +2 AP, and splitting off Beam Rifle (3AP) into a 2AP and 3AP (Hi-Power) variant was enough to allow these grunts to threaten high performing suits again.

We’re incorporating these changes into the rules document and hope to have a VER 1.0 ready to be posted in February.  Till next time!

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