MechaStellar: Update Combat Roles

Gelgoog cannon

Our suit roster is an excel sheet with a number of formulas where if you type in the Suit’s Frame Level and Performance level it will auto-populate all of it’s combat stats.  So while we were updating the attack and evade cells to essentially flip flop (Evade now uses the d20, Attack is now a static number) we decided to reevaluate a few of the bonuses each of the combat roles were giving.

Combat Roles Refresher

Each suit gets to choose one of four combat roles that define how they play.

  1. Gunner – Ranged focused
  2. Battler – Melee focused
  3. Versatile – Mix of Ranged and Melee
  4. Hi-Mobility – Evasion focused

Looking at the gundam universe for example the most common role will be Versatile as most suits fielded are general purpose.  Below are some examples:

  1. Gunner – GM Sniper, Gabthley, Gundam Leopard
  2. Battler – Gouf, Efreet, Sturm Galluss, Deathscythe
  3. Versatile – Most types of Gundam, GM, Zaku and successors
  4. Hi-Mobility – Dom, Kampfer, Hambrabi, Rick Dias, Sinanju

If you look at the Battletech / Mechwarrior universe you’ll see a lot more Gunners dominating the roster.  Heavy duty battlemechs with ablative armor are classified as “Titans” in mechastellar.  They’re rules are a bit different than mobile suits, in a general sense they have more HP and AP but less Evade.

  1. Gunner – Blackjack, Thunderbolt, Catapault, Zeus, Jupiter
  2. Battler – Kodiak, Violator
  3. Versatile – Shadowhawk, Centurion, Battlemaster
  4. Hi-Mobility – Griffin, Spider

Now then when it comes to combat roles here’s what we previously posted.  Note, we’ve adjusted some naming conventions, instead of Ranged Attack and Melee attack we’ve renamed them to Shooting and Melee.

  • Gunner
    • Shooting +5
    • Action Points +4
    • Evade -3
  • Battler
    • Melee +4
    • Move +4
    • Evade +1
  • Versatile
    • Shooting +3
    • Melee +2
    • Move +3
    • Action Points +2
  • Hi-Mobility
    • Move +6
    • Evade +3
    • Melee +1
    • HP-100

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