MechaStellar – Feedback

Unknown Ship by Ryuichi Inaba

Hello everyone and thank you for reading. MechaStellar is a labor of love but also a work in progress; we value any feedback you’d like to provide as we continue to develop the game. In addition to the DakkaDakka and MechaTalk forums you can also leave feedback here if you prefer. Here is some specific feedback we are looking for. You can leave a comment below or use the “Contact” link at the top to email it. Thanks!

General rules questions or clarifications

Any Battle Report’s you’d like to share

Versus Mode
-What unit was your MVP?
-Which units didn’t pull their weight?
-Big Zam, pushover or unkillable tyrant?
-Which secondary objectives did you find hard to achieve?
-Which types of Tactical Advantage did you find easiest and hardest to achieve?
-Which deployment type did you prefer?

Coop Campaign Mode
-Which mission(s) did you have the hardest time on?
-What Gundam series would you like to see in future mission packs?
-Do you prefer Sandbox mission packs (acquire any unit you want) or Narrative mission packs (Mechs are pre-determined each mission)?
-From the Gundam series which MS would you like to see next?
-What are your top 3 Mecha Series and which would you like to see included?

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