MechaStellar: Unit Roster Update 15JUL21

This week’s update will be a fun one for anyone who enjoys melee, stealth and ambushing units. Total roster has grown from 50 -> 65 units. Latest unit sheets can be downloaded here.

For Zeon we have added variants of the Gouf & Efreet to the list, as well as their first stolen Gundam model the Blue Destiny Unit 2. Most of the units are experts at Melee and several have the Ambusher ability that allows them to deployed at the end of a round at a location of your choosing.

The Efreet first debuted in a SNES game in 1995 called Cross Dimensions piloted by Henry Boone a disgraced elite soldier working in a criminal style unit. Cut off from their supply lines after the battle of Odessa they chanced upon a Federation base in the Gobi desert where they encounter the Gundam Pixie (or Pixy) making its debut as well. The Pixie was a Gundam type unit that eschewed armor for a lighter weight and higher mobility, it also used beam daggers rather than beam sabers.

Both units were later featured in the PS3 Gundam title MSG Side Story: Missing Link. That game also features a similar encounter with an Efreet piloted by Doug Schneid and a Federation Pixie Pilot Fred Reber but with a much different outcome. Doug Schneid and Fred Reber would eventually form a powerful friendship and when Doug passed away Fred took over the Efreet, customized and renamed it the Efreet Schneid which you’ll see in the Gundam Unicorn OVAs.

The Efreet proved to be a popular model and showed up in the Blue Destiny Manga as the Efreet Custom. The Blue Destiny series was on the Sega Saturn and the plot line involved the EXAM system, a powerful system meant to give the pilot the abilities of a Newtype, but rather darkly it’s ability came from enslaving the soul of a newtype named Marion Welch. When activated the system typically makes the suit go Berserk even destroying allies. (As shown in the opening image of this post.)

The sidestory features Yuu Kajima (Federation) and Nimbus Schterzen (Zeon) who end up piloting units with the EXAM system, Yuu discovers the secret of the EXAM system and strives to free Marion’s trapped spirit. The big change between Blue Destiny 1 -> 2&3 is the addition of a powerful backpack providing considerable thrusts and allowing them to be used in space.

For the Gouf series we are adding the Flight Type which is seen in the last arc of the 08th MS Team as well as the special “Battle in 3 Dimensions”. We’ve also added the MSV Gouf Flight Test Type, one of the test models that preceded it with a rather explosive development history, it would later show up in the Jaburo arc of Zeta Gundam. The Test Type does not have the Melee specialty type since it is a ranged fighter without melee weapons. Both units have a “Hover” special trait that allows them to automatically gain the high ground advantage but in return they cannot take cover without being behind very tall cover.

Lastly is the Gouf Custom White Rose used by Lt.Col Lance Garfield, an astonishing pilot for a remarkable suit who pushes it to the limit despite only have one remaining arm to pilot it. Lance is the adversary of the Rick Dom Elite Guards and manages to swiftly and mercifully defeat them in the same overwhelming manner we saw with Norris Packard in the 08th MS Team.

On the Federation side we have the Blue Destiny Unit 3 and Gundam Pixie as mentioned above. We’ve also added the GM Nightseeker, a special ops type GM featured in MSV whose loadout is very similar to the GM Light Armor. So if that’s your favorite unit when playing campaign mode the Nightseeker will be a welcome replacement. The Nightseeker is featured in the 0083 Rebellion manga retelling along with a GM Sniper Custom.

We’ve also added in the GM Sniper II a very expensive unit but the top performing GM of the One Year War (OYW). We’ve included three variants, the bullpup variety you see in 0080 War in the Pocket, the Beam Rifle you see in the White Dingo / Rise from the Ashes storyline and lastly a custom variant used by Lydo Wolf who is notable for using a solid shell sniper rifle which we will be treating as an antiship rifle. With the inclusion of Lydo Wolf we also included his Guncannon Mass Produced variant he used after converting from being a fighter pilot. Lydo was the #3 top scoring ace of the Federation during the OYW, you can read about his beginnings in the Gundam Legacy manga.

Zeon Roster Additions (+6)
-Gouf Custom White Rose, Gouf Flight Type, Gouf Flight Test Type
-Efreet, Efreet (Doug Schneid), Blue Destiny Unit 2

Federation (+9)
-Lydo Wolf’s Guncannon MP
-Blue Destiny Unit 3, Gundam Pixy
-GM Nightseeker I & II, GM Sniper II & Variants

Miscellaneous Updates
-Updated Images
-Battler Mechs gains +1 Movement
-Indomitable: Adjusted the formula so it provides more benefit to Mechs who invest in Reinforce. Units affected GM Guard Custom (1200 -> 1000), Gundam (6000 -> 7000)
-Adjust Missile Pod / Micromissiles from Shots 2 Rapid Fire +6 to Shots 3 Rapid Fire +5. Increase range 12″ -> 16″
-Adjusted Death Ray to 10 Power requirement
-Increased range of Beam Cannon / Beam Sniper / Death Ray 24″ -> 28″
-Increase range of Beam Spray Gun / Howitzer Hands / Shotgun from 8″ -> 12″
-Efreet Custom: Added grenade launcher, Reinforced-1
-GM Light Armor: Weapon Upgrade and Thrusters -1
-GM Cold Districts: Reinforce+1, Thrusters-1
-GM Intercept Custom: Low Cost-1, Thrusters+1
-Corrected an oversight on the Gouf Series: Low Cost-1, Thrusters+1
-Updated Spirit in the Machine effect
-Corrected Lone Wolf text to be +1 Focus Action
-Corrected Chain Mine to have “Single Use” in the “Special” section
-Improved Merciless Melee (and equivalents)
-Replaced some instances of ‘Renowned Pilot’ with Ace Monikers like Black Tri-Stars and Red Comet
-Committed the unforgivable act of leaving Big Zam off the 08JUL roster.

As always thank you for reading. Next week in addition to new Mechs we plan on adding an improvement to the Orders system of the rules.

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