[MS] Unit Roster Update 29OCT21

This week’s update we are releasing the rest of the Pacific Rim units, three new Jaegers and three new Kaiju.  I didn’t get enough time to finish up the Narrative Mission Pack for Pacific Rim this week but it will be released on Sunday.  The Narrative Mission Pack will capture the exciting battles that take place during Hong Kong.  Next week will be the update to the Gundam Co-op Mission packs for both the Federation and Zeon extending them out to 10 missions.

On the Jaeger side we have Striker Eureka, piloted by the RAAF father and son pilots Herc and Chuck Hansen.  Playing a pivotal role in the series these two pilot the first and only Mark V Jaeger to be built and the fastest Jaeger at the time it was commissioned.  It’s weapons include a pair of sting blades which can superheat and cauterize a Kaiju as well as anti-kaiju missiles fired from its chest.  Since Striker Eureka was the fastest Jaeger we gave it the Bullrush ability that gives it bonus dice when using High Speed Attack. Below are some recommended commands:

Striker Eureka (Herc & Chuck) Commands


-Giant Slayer

Striker Eureka (Pentecost & Chuck) Commands

-Inspiring Speech


Next up is Coyote Tango, seen only briefly during a flashback in the movie.  This was the Jaeger piloted by Stacker Pentecost before he became Marshal in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps where he saved Mako during a Kaiju attack in Japan.  Part of the inspiration for Coyote Tango was the Guncannon from Mobile Suit Gundam which can be seen by the massive cannons on its shoulder.  It’s partner back then was Tacit Ronin, never seen on screen but we thought it would be fun to include them as well.  Both of these MK I Jaegers are at an economic 200pt cost.

For the Kaiju we have the last three in the movie, Slattern the category V kaiju as well their bodyguards Scunner & Raiju.  Since Scunner and Raiju have a short bit of screentime before their demise we opted to keep them as low cost as possible, that way Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka are not at too significant a disadvantage when facing three Kaiju.  Scunner resembling a bull also receives the Bullrush ability while Raiju the fast moving crocodile-esque creature gets ambush hunter.  Slattern comes in at 500pts and is a force to be reckoned with boasting incredible HP, Evade and movement it will be hard to take this beast down unscathed.

That’s all for this week, if you loved the Pacific Rim movies and want to learn more about the monsters and machines that are part of it I highly recommend the Pacific Rim: Man, Machine & Monsters hardcover artbook.  Look forward to the mission pack being released on Sunday.

Unit Profile Sheets:

-Added 6 new units for Pacific Rim

-Changed Otachi’s trait to Killer Instinct giving its weapons +1 PEN to make its Tail and Acid Jet more lethal

-Updated Otachi’s Stratosphere drop to include verbiage for “Disengage”

-Updated Cherno’s Alpha Tesla Fists to be an ability vice a weapon.  Since “Defend the City” gives +1 Momentum for using generic Close Combat (CC) weapons we wanted to further incentivize using it with Cherno Alpha by electrying its fists on odd numbered rounds.

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