[MS] New Units – G-Line & Efreet Nacht

The G-Line series was envisioned as a true mass-production version of the RX78-2 Gundam.  While the GM represents a pared down Gundam the G-Line was intended to fully replicate the Gundam’s performance including its impressive Luna Titanium Armor. 

The standard (pictured above) was a versatile unit and most similar to the original Gundam, the Light Armor is a spiritual successor to the GM Light Armor preferred by pilots used to dogfighting.  The Assault Armor incorporates the reactive armor of the Desert GM and sports a powerful heat lance that we see used by the Rick Dom Royal Guard.  There is also a Full Custom version which incorporates many different weaponry and armor but we’re saving that one for its 0083 debut.

The G-Line were exceptionally modular able to mount various shoulder mounted equipment and included some common improvements we see in late OYW models like additional propellent tanks.  For MechaStellar we have the G-Line standard equipped with shoulder-mounted Gatling Smashers, the G-Line Light Armor with shoulder mounted missile pods and the G-Line Assault Armor having a shoulder mounted assault cannon.  In MS Senki the G-Line are made to great effect by the Phantom Sweep team.  Hughes Courand led the group in the G-Line Light Armor while he repeatedly dueled with the Efreet Nacht.

Another of the highly unique Efreets, of which 8 were built.  This one strongly resembles the Efreet Custom of the Blue Destiny fame although its coloration is entirely muted and stealth oriented.  The Nacht was captured by the Federation then liberated by Zeon’s Invisible Knights.  The Nacht itself has a ninja-like aesthetic and uses unique ‘cold’ weapons which instead of being superheated weapons we see on Efreets or Goufs instead they are electrified and can shutdown enemy systems.

You could read more about the G-Line and Efreet Nacht on MAHQ.

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