[MS] New Units – 7th Gundam

The 7th Gundam was initially created by Kunio Okawara as part of his mobile suit variations as the final variant of the RX78 series.  The 7th Gundam sometimes referred to as Gundam Unit 7, was featured in the PS3 Game MS Senki and the manga MS Senki Wrath of Varuna piloted by Hughes Courand. 

The 7th Gundam is noted for having similar to the Alex (although its panoramic cockpit was omitted for the game and manga) and it was developed from the ground up to be easily able to switch to a Full Armor mode. 

The 7th is carried by the pegasus class carrier The Thoroughbred, the same ship that once held Gundam Unit 4 & 5, when they first launch it they use the Full Armor Type since higher headquarters had prohibited its mobility compensation program after it was discovered that a Zeon spy had developed it.  The Full Armor mode provided additional protection in exchange for its poor space maneuverability, as a result this is why we kept the Full Armor at Performance 2.  The Full Armor is heavily damaged by a Bigro. 

For its next mission it deploys in the Heavy Full Armor mode where the 7th operates like a Mobile Armor, a precursor to the Dendrobium Orchis of Gundam 0083.  There it sinks a Musai class light cruiser after performing a trench run, in the end it is ambushed by a Zaku who’s heat hawk tears into its backside.  Hughes deploys the backmounted micromissiles in retribution then discharges the armor returning to base.  Meanwhile back on ship the crew received the approval for 7th Gundam’s to utilize the mobility compensation program, thus we put down the 7th as a Performance 4 unit. 

While the 7th is on par with Alex, we intentionally put Alex at Performance 5 to represent it being over-tuned specifically for Amuro’s superhuman reflexes, whereas the 7th is not tuned to that degree, so we settled on keeping the 7th Gundam as Performance 4, but keep in mind high Frame units boost combat performance so a Frame 4 Performance 4 unit is the equivalent of a Frame 1 Performance 6 unit.

You can read more about the 7th Gundam and its heavy full armor version on MAHQ

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