[MS] Big O Miniatures

For ‘The Big O’ mecha-anime there are a few options out there for miniatures. There are a few Big O models released as part of Super Robot Gashapon series that also includes series like Getter Robo, Gaiking and Mazinger Z. For our games we are using Big O trading figures produced by Kotobukiya.

These figures stand about 3″ tall and are quite sturdy, they have produced models for Big O, Big Duo and Dorothy 1 but unfortunately those are the only Megadeus figures produced. If you are buying blind boxes then you also have a chance of getting figures of the characters including Roger, Dorothy, Norman, Schwarzwald and even Roger’s car.

They come in a painted variety as well as a metal color that resembles weathered brass. If you’re looking for these on second hand markets search terms like “Kotobukiya One Coin Big O trading figure” should help, but since they were produced a long time ago they are becoming increasingly harder to find and the prices may be quite high, although sometimes you may be able to get a full set for ~$100.

We prefer these models since they are small scale and a decent fit to play alongside the Gundam 1/400 range as shown in the picture above. If you are looking to use larger scale figures say to face off against your Gunpla kits there were a number of Big O action figures produced in the early 2000s and those are often found on secondhand markets such as ebay usually at a reasonable price. More recently Goodsmile has released models for Big O, Big Duo and Big Fau but they stand at a considerable 12″ tall.

Here are some other posts for game minis: Gundam, Evangelion, Getter Robo

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