[MS] Scherazade Tactics

Scherazade is the iconic Guymelef piloted by Allen Schezar, one of the main characters in Escaflowne.  Allen is a noble knight with a chivalrous exterior but a haunted past which is later discovered by our protagonist Hitomi.  An outstanding swordsman he was trained by Balgus and is one of the few pilots in the world who can fight off the invisible Alseides. Below are some tactics if you plan on using them in a Gundam Tabletop game or a SRW Tabletop game with the MechaStellar ruleset.

Allen and Van often comes to blows, both with their personal swords and that of their Guy Melefs.  Their fights are stunningly animated and a snippet is shown during the OP of each episode. 

We opted to give Scherazade the “Master Swordsman” trait which gives them a modest Evasion bonus when they use a Melee focus action.  This is useful to represent Van and Allen being able to parry the liquid metal weapons shooting out of the enemy Alseides.  More importantly, it also makes your opponent even harder to hit in Melee until your next turn.  We thought this would be a good ability to represent the fencing action of Escaflowne, seeing both Allen and Van duel. 

Rounding out Scherazade is Allen’s pilot skills, Noble which gives more Melee defense and Close Combat Expert for a Melee boost on your turn.  The dueling sword provides an equal bonus to Attack and Defense making Scherezade a tough nut to crack, perfectly balanced between offense and defense.

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