[MS] Alseides Tactics

Alseides are the terrifying mass produced Guy Melefs built by the Zaibach empire in Escaflowne.  After they begin mining ancient crystalline dragon hearts en masse they have a power source to start mass producing Guy Melefs with their scientifically advanced civilization.  Ordinarily Guy Melefs are hand crafted and can take decades or even a century to complete depending on how intricate they are, making them precious armaments of war. Below are some tactics if you plan on using them in a Gundam Tabletop game or a SRW Tabletop game with the MechaStellar ruleset.

The Alseides are a terrifying construct, they have invisibility cloaks that still function even while they attack.  They are composed of liquid metal called a Crima Claw allowing them to shoot these out as rods or spears viciously impaling enemies.  They can also be formed into liquid metal swords to duel with enemy Guy Melefs.  They can also fly as well using the same magitek present in the levitation rocks used by the airships in their universe, although it has a downside that the invisibility cloak may not be used while they are flying.  Lastly they have flame throwers as a shock and awe weapon, often burning down kingdoms in a surprise attack.  What makes it all the worse is that these are mass produced and easily outnumber their enemies.

The only downside to the Alseides is that if they use too much liquid metal the suit itself will burst into flames and consume itself.  We see this when Dilandau fires a liquid metal spear over a mile away trying to kill Van, the stress by such a long range shot destroys the unit.  Dilandau is our crazed antagonist with a grudge against Van, they are notoriously violence and merciless which makes choosing a pilot trait rather easy.  For Dilandau’s personal Alseides we gave it the melee type as well as enhanced speed making them a match for the Escaflowne and Scherezade in Melee.

We hope you enjoy  using the Escaflowne suits with the new Melee rules present in Version 8.

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